Top Ten Things You May Not Have Known You Can Do On TheTopTens

On the surface, TheTopTens is a fairly straight forward voting site. But once you create an account and really dig into it, you may find there is a lot more you can do.

The Top Ten

1 Turn off third-party advertising

I always turn ads off, the ads can sometimes be distracting on the top tens when they appear in the list under some items

I actually did know about this and actually allowed third-party advertising for a time. However, in recent times the ads started slowing down my browser so I turned it off now.

Looking to speed up your browsing or simply don't like seeing banner advertising on TheTopTens? Go to your profile page, go to the manage account section, and remove the check next to Allow third-party advertising.

I surprise they even let you do this I though that's a way how to get money on websites

2 Edit your comments

I'm surprised how many people here, even members, haven't noticed they can do this, or even reply to comments. Still seeing so many chains of unlinked comments after this was put in place annoys me.

Click on the button with 3 lines next to your comment and hit the pencil button. I think you can only do this once.

We all make mistakes whether they be spelling, grammar, or just that you meant to say something else. Fortunately, if you were logged in when you submitted a comment, you can edit that comment.

Unfortunately, both this feature and the comment reply feature only work for the first three comments on a list when I'm browsing on mobile.

I'm writing this comment to try and edit it.

3 Moderate comments on your posts

I know how to do that but I found out about 3 months ago. - cosmo

How do you make posts? (I'm kinda new so I wouldn't know) - AlphaQ

Didn't know how to do this until a couple months ago... - Turkeyasylum

Yeah and I disable my comments because I don't want to deal with anyone giving out negative comments.

4 Delete your comments

I knew this but I have had a bug that a deleted comment came back and I had to delete it again it kinda annoying when the bug happens

I delete my comments all the time because I realize they sound really stupid.

How do you delete your comments?

Wow, never knew you could do that! But how do you?

5 Block senders

In my opinion, instead of having the current policy, why not have a new policy where whenever two users are fighting really badly the can no longer comment on the post they're arguing and they have to block each other from sending messages. - Therandom

Is there another user you're not interested in receiving message from any more? Someone who keeps bugging you to follow them or vote on their lists? You can block them from sending you messages and if you decide to reverse your decision in the future, you can just as easily unblock them. - admin

Before I even knew this list existed, I knew how to block a sender. - GrapeJuiceK

Might just well block cosmo… he hates me anyway… =/ =(


6 Edit your remixes

I edit my remixes sometimes, I have edited my worst songs of all time remix before - trains45

I find it very useful. I do this all the time especially on my lists. When I have a new item better than some old one, I immediately include the new one in my remix. Or, sometimes I see that more popular items get too overrated and I edit my remix to give a chance to less popular but better items. - Metal_Treasure

Times change, tastes change. If you discovered a new song or artist, you can go back and revise your remixes. If a new game was released, you can update your remix to include it. - admin

Exactly admin, times change, tastes change, I use this quite often - MatrixGuy

7 Receive message notifications by email

Don't worry about logging into TheTopTens throughout the day just to check on your messages. You can have message notifications sent to you directly via e-mail so you know if you have new messages and who sent them to you. - admin

Wow ok...
Hehe I'm a free soul I lodged out for a second😂

Didn’t know this at all - AwesomeJawson

8 Open multiple messaging windows at the same time

You don't have to keep going back to the messages page to bounce between different conversations. You can use the pop-out link at the bottom of the messages (depending on device size) to move your conversations to a separate windows so you can have multiple conversations active at the same time. - admin

9 Save list drafts

Have an idea for a list but haven't completely fleshed it out? Can only think of a few items but want to keep working on it? When adding a list, we'll automatically save a draft of your list that you can keep returning to until you are ready to submit it for inclusion on the site. Plus, because your draft is saved on our servers, you can start your list on one device and continue editing on any other device with a modern browser. - admin

I've got quite literally 30+ drafts for lists and a couple blogs too. Thank goodness, its very useful for storing my ideas and sorting out my thoughts. - keycha1n

This and the draft feature for for blogs have made using the site a lot easier and more enjoyable. - PetSounds

Perfect. So now every time I need to sleep or go somewhere important, I just save my draft and finish up my list later! - Chaotixhero

10 Choose who can send you messages

Explains why ModernSpongBobSucks doesn't send me any PMs. I've been wanting to have a chat with the guy. - AlphaQ

I had no idea before! Just go to manage account and at the bottom are three options
1. Anyone can send you messages
2. Only people you follow can send you messages
3. Only admins can send you messages
This was very helpful, mine was always on 2 but I like the first option more, and more users should change their settings to that. - Songsta41

The Contenders

11 Make lists

Thanks for the tip! This will definitely help me in the future.

I never knew that... Thanks! (sarcasm)

Woah! Sounds so cool! I'll make a list on Overhated countries now!

Umm... well thank you for reminding me what the point of the website is!

12 Add an item

Wow! I didn't know that!

Oh wow I did not know that

Well you just did it!

Mind blowing!

13 Follow your own account

My other account follows me so that it's easier for me to find it.

Question, when you follow someone, what basically happens?

My sister followed herself.

A bug occurred and I did it.

14 Ask the admin to follow you

I've seen a couple of lists that aren't that flattering towards admin, but as of now, I have no problem with admin and visa versa. - HaiThere

Challenge accepted. Admin, not to be that guy, but can you follow me? I'm a good boy and I'll take the land mines from your doorstep to a different place. - Cyri

Admin, I am your biggest fan, please follow me! - RogerMcBaloney

What happens when the admin follows you? - Marella

15 Report items that shouldn't be on a list

I do this sometimes I reported duplicate items and miss spelled items and items that don't belong

It hasn't worked for me at all, even though all of the complaints were legitimate.

I've reported a lot of them. Only two or three worked.

Everyone knows that, admin!

16 Add images to lists

I have a few times and with the new search for image made it easier for some stuff - trains45

Even though it doesn't work and I don't know why? - IIBK

17 Make an account

I have an account. I just never log out because I forgot my password AGAIN and I can't log in without my password.

Oh, really? I guess I should make one right now.

Oh really? I didn't know that was possible!

Yes I didn't know that

18 Post images in private messages

What?! How?!

First let me take a selfie


19 Delete your remix

Yes, you can do it. - zxm

20 Have your lists removed

They deleted one of my duplicate lists. The request worked. - listotaku17

I just sent a message to delete an original list that I had due to a careless error. I don't know if they'll do it or not.

You just gotta ask admin to remove an offensive list you've made.

As much as I wanna delete my cringeworthy comments and lists, I have a feeling it would only cause damage as people would not know about the mistakes I made so they would prevent themselves from making any more.

21 Report irrelevant comments on an item

Because when I was scrolling down the comments for Top 10 Worst Anime Characters at Sugou Nobuyuki from Sword Art Online, someone posted a comment not EVEN related to Sugou. In this case, it was a hate comment against Kirito. TYPE THE CORRECT COMMENTS FOR THE CORRECT ITEMS, IDIOTS! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo got me in trouble cause of that. - AlphaQ

WE KNOW STUPID. - Firemist

22 Follow other users

Gee, I never would've thought of that! How? (Sarcasm. The rest of my comments are genuine, though.)

Stop adding useless items, admin.

I'm Admin's 500th follower.

What? No, it can't be true!

23 Vote on a list

! You mean I have the ability to vote on a Top 10 list?!

Thanks for telling me this! You the best (sarcasm)

I pressed the +, and this typing thing came up. Is this voting?

Wow! I did not know this! This site is amazing (sarcasm)

24 Read lists

How do you do this wonderful, little known thing?

Ah well thank you very much kind sir no one could ever read lists but reading this list now I know how to read lists!

If only I knew how to read...!

I didn't know I could do this! (Sarcasm by the way)

25 Create multiple accounts

Anyone with the lack of integrity or the desire to tip the scales on whatever list has done this at least twice. - HaiThere

We know. - Firemist

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