Top Ten Things You May Not Have Known You Can Do On TheTopTens


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21 Follow other users
22 Read lists

Ah well thank you very much kind sir no one could ever read lists but reading this list now I know how to read lists!

If only I knew how to read...! - TwilightKitsune

AW YEA I never knew I could do that! - AlphaQ

Why heavens! it never occurred to me! Thank you kind sir for enlightening me, I am forever changed and I offer unto you a thousand thanks - moonwolf

23 Report irrelevant comments on an item

Because when I was scrolling down the comments for Top 10 Worst Anime Characters at Sugou Nobuyuki from Sword Art Online, someone posted a comment not EVEN related to Sugou. In this case, it was a hate comment against Kirito. TYPE THE CORRECT COMMENTS FOR THE CORRECT ITEMS, IDIOTS! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo got me in trouble cause of that. - AlphaQ

24 You Could Follow Your Own Account

My other account follows me so that it's easier for me to find it. - AlphaQ

Its really is. I just followed myself!

Update: It was. But not available anymore. - zxm

25 Ask the admin to follow you
26 Do multiple accounts
27 Add images to your blog posts

You can and I made a post about how to do so - MLPFan

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