Top 10 Things You May Not Know About Classic Video Games

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1 Mario was originally a carpenter, not a plumber
2 Super Metroid is actually one of the glitchiest and most exploitable games ever made
3 The first few DOOM games did not allow the player to aim up or down at all
4 Mortal Kombat pretty much invented the modern-day ESRB rating system, specifically with Sub-Zero's infamous spine-rip fatality
5 Cave Story and Undertale were both made using Game Maker
6 Zelda 1's dungeons were actually based off of Japanese grid houses
7 Soda Popinski's original name in Punch-Out was Vodka Drunkenski
8 Xenoblade is actually a sub-series of a much larger franchise
9 Mario's original name was quite literally Jumpman
10 Sonic was intentionally given a red-white-and-blue color scheme by Sega in order to appeal to Americans

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11 Donkey Kong was originally going to be named Monkey Kong, but Nintendo felt that they needed to give him a stupider name

IT WAS A TYPO! - shawnmccaul22

12 The original Metroid had a door glitch that allowed Samus to travel through endless hallways of randomly generated rooms
13 Metroid 2 recently got at least as good of a remake as the first one did, and it was fanmade
14 Mother 3 was originally going to be on Nintendo 64
15 Earthbound and Mother 3 had to be held back from Virtual Console releases because of their numerous musical references
16 At the time when the original Metroid came out, Samus being a girl in it was actually one of the biggest plot twists of all time
17 Mike Tyson's Punch-Out is, in fact, the only version of the game to actually feature him as the final boss fight
18 Pacifist and Genocide are actually fanmade nicknames for the two main playthrough types in Undertale
19 The only reason Yoshi's Island was labeled as a sequel to Super Mario World was to attract attention to it
20 Despite looking as gorgeous as it did, Resident Evil 4 actually didn't control much better than its predecessors
21 Chara Isn't Actually Evil in Undertale Unless You Choose to Make Her that Way
22 Giygas in Earthbound Was Based Off of a Rape Scene that the Game's Creator Witnessed in a Movie Theatre
23 Mother 3 Was One of the First Japan-Only Games to Actually Become Infamous for Its National Exclusivity
24 Several of the "New" Things in Super Metroid Actually Came from Metroid 2, Including Space Jump and Spazer
25 The Charge Beam Didn't Actually Become a Feature in Metroid Until Super Metroid
26 Ms. Pac-Man's Creators Almost Got Sued for Making the Game, Until Namco Realized that It Was Actually a Vastly Better Game Than Its Original Male Counterpart
27 Kirby's Adventure Actually Had a Detailed Step-To-Step Tutorial on How to Draw Kirby in Its Introduction Sequence
28 There Were Plenty of Characters to Play as in Street Fighter 2 Besides Ken and Ryu
29 Final Fantasy VII's American Localization Had Probably One of the Worst English Translations in Video Game History
30 Luigi originally was literally just a straight recolor of Mario
31 Wario's name literally means "bad Mario" in Japanese
32 The Wario Land series started out as a mid-series spin-off of Super Mario Land
33 Mario is Missing Was Actually Luigi's First "Day in the Limelight" Game and is Also the Origin of Weegee
34 Super Mario World and Super Metroid are the Two Biggest Games in the Rom-Hacking Business as It Stands Right Now
35 Mother 3 contains one of the largest amounts of unused content of any Nintendo game
36 Super Smash Bros. Melee was actually one of Nintendo's most rushed games
37 The lock-in system in Ocarina Of Time was based off of a certain ninja technique that pretty much functioned in the exact same way
38 Conker's Bad Fur Day was originally going to be a kids' game
39 Nintendo deliberately designed Twilight Princess' art style to be the exact opposite of Wind Waker's
40 Metroid is actually Nintendo's most underrated franchise
41 The Metroid series has some of the best fangames you will ever see for ANY game franchise
42 There are more alternate universes in Undertale than there are characters
43 Pokémon means "pocket monster" in Japanese
44 Pikachu wasn't even originally going to be Pokémon's mascot
45 Kirby was originally white
46 Super Mario RPG is the only Mario role-playing game that actually had Square Enix fully involved in its development
47 Nintendo made several of the handheld Zelda games in collaboration with Capcom
48 Nintendo actually somehow was not on drugs when designing Earthbound's enemies, music and battle backgrounds
49 In Earthbound, the music was actually the thing that took up the largest amount of the game's data space
50 Sonic CD had two different soundtracks, one for Japan and another for the USA
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