Top Ten Things You May Not Know About Luigi

The Top Ten

1 He the Strongest Person In the Whole Wide Universe

Bish please, what about the ULTIMATE life form? Ever heard of him? His name's Shadow? No? Well then check your facts, Luigi sucks.

2 He Save the Universe and World Many Times

Like once.

3 He the Number One Hero of the Universe
4 He Kill Samus Aran In the 99 Live Battle and Lost 0 Lives
5 He Won Many Metals and Trophies
6 He the Best Mario Kart Racer
7 He Beat Mario In the 99 Live Battle Again and This Time He Lost No Lives
8 He Can Get the Other Star In the Volcano by a Different Way In Sm64ds
9 He is not a good character

Hmm, Danteem alert?

Every item on this list is false. - Puga

Wow who knew Luigi was bad?! I just learned it oms this list is genius! Koff koff sarcastic koff koff

10 He Most Powerful Form Is Fire Luigi In SSBB

The Contenders

11 His Stare In Mario Kart 8 is Creepy
12 He the Best In SSBB Using Fire Luigi
13 His possible last name is Mario so it's "Luigi Mario" according to the movie

We do not speak of that! - Money1208

Not the movie! NOT THE MOVIE!

14 He can create a negative zone.
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