Top 10 Things You May Not Know You Can Do on Your iPhone

The Top Ten Things You May Not Know You Can Do on Your iPhone

1 Shake your phone for “undo typing” then shake it again for “redo typing”


2 Click volume button if camera button doesn’t work
3 Text to speech hack (make siri read a paragraph, sentence, or text for you)
4 Double tap the home button to reach the top of your screen
5 Swipe left to erase one number on the calculator app

That's pretty cool - FlareLightX

6 Put your phone on airplane mode to make it charge  faster

I always charge my phone on airplane mode. I also do that to save battery life. Commenting this because I have an iPhone. - Userguy44

7 Turn off music with timer
8 If siri says your name wrong, say "thats not how you pronounce my name" and siri will ask you to correct it for her
9 Click the sleep/wake button 5 times to call emergency services quickly
10 If you don't want people to see your text, go to settings notifications > *app* > show previews > never

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11 If you click 3 times it will change the colors


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