Top Ten Things You Might Not Have Known About Camila Cabello and Ariana Grande


The Top Ten

1 Ariana Grande: She Likes Unusual Colors, Such As Sea Foam Green.
2 Ariana Grande: She Hates Manicures

Of Course She Hates It! Because She Wanted Herself To Be Healthy And Clean

3 Ariana Grande: She Still Has 3 Wisdom Teeth
4 Ariana Grande: She is a Native Flordian
5 Ariana Grande: She Needs Glasses
6 Camila Cabello: She Has Every Demi Lovato Album
7 Camila Cabello: She Was Born In Cuba.
8 Camila Cabello: She Loved Austin Mahone, But Dumped Him for Becky G
9 Camila Cabello: Her BFF'S Are Haliee Stienfeld and Selena Gomez.
10 Camila Cabello: She Can Play the Guitar
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