Top 10 Things You Must Have Done in Your Childhood


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1 Danced

Definitely. I was also being videoed. I was 1 1/2...

I don't have a child hood. I was young before but it is not what you would think - Mewtwo_

2 Cried

Pretty much yes. - Userguy44

Way too many times to count

I still do even though I will be a teenager in 10 months.Why am I such a wussy? -DarkBoi-X

Many, many times. - PianoQueen

3 Played with toys

Didn't we all? - Userguy44

I adored Sylvanian Families as a kid to the point where I've kept them all to this day! - Entranced98

4 Acted like you were sick because you didn't want to go to school

I never have done that - DrayTopTens

We all did that!

Once I faked a sore throat and got a whole week off. Yeah, my school was a right hellhole. - Entranced98

I still do this. I really hate school!

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5 Watched cartoons

Cartoons are life! - Userguy44

I miss Disney’s One Saturday Morning, ABC Kids, Toon Disney, Nick on CBS, Kids WB, Fox Kids, and PBS Kids Bookworm Bunch :(

6 Played outside
7 Stood in the front of a mirror and adored yourself

I did that as a kid...WHILE NAKED!

No...never. You don't look in a mirror to adore yourself, you look in a mirror to see how disgusting you look - RustyNail

I’ve never done that in my whole life, although I have stood in a mirror and wondered how a person could be so ugly.

8 Acted like a superhero
9 Singing in front of a mirror

I did this when I was 8... I imagined the whole room is the stage and my toys are probably the audiences and the judges are my sisters. - kontrahinsunu

10 Sneezed

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11 Acted like a princess

Unless you are a boy - DrayTopTens

I used to be obsessed with princesses.

Some say I still do...! - Britgirl

12 Counted your teeth in front of a mirror
13 Took the makeup kit and started doing your own makeup

I’m not allowed to wear makeup until I’m 18, but I used to steal my grandma’s. Then I got in trouble because I thought lipstick was blush...

14 You did a mistake and put the blame on others

Mainly my younger sister. - PianoQueen

15 Gone to school
16 Went to Chuck E Cheese's

You've never heard of Chuck E Cheese's? It's a pizza restaurant/kid's arcade chain.

What's that?

17 Acted like you were sleeping in front of your mother
18 Watched TV
19 Played video games
20 Shopped at toy stores
21 Rode coin operated rides
22 Ran around the house naked
23 Pooped in the bathtub
24 Pooped on the floor
25 Drink milk
26 Peed on the floor
27 Vomited on the floor
28 Picked your nose
29 Jumped on the bed
30 Drew pictures and taped then on your bedroom wall
31 Scratch your butt then smell your finger
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1. Danced
2. Acted like you were sick because you didn't want to go to school
3. Acted like a superhero
1. Danced
2. Watched cartoons
3. Played with toys
1. Cried
2. Played outside
3. Played with toys


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