Top Ten Things You Need to Be a Great QB


The Top Ten

1 The Arm

To be able to throw the ball down field - ZachW97

2 The Vision

The most important thing in my opinion because you have to find a WR while looking at the opponents because if you don't look at them, they'll sack U. If you have bad vision, you wont make it as a QB. - booklover1

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3 The Release

Accuracy and getting it out of your hands - ZachW97

4 The Preparedness

Smartness and studying the defense - ZachW97

5 The Improvisiation

Always find a way to win or make a big play - ZachW97

6 The Guile

Work with anything or anyone and still get the job done - ZachW97

7 The Legs

Escaping pressure and having speed to back you up - ZachW97

8 The Hunger

2 minute drill to drive the ball down field quick - ZachW97

9 The Brashness

Tough Qb and always get up after a hit - ZachW97

10 The Swagger

Alwys keeping cool and never gets frustrated - ZachW97

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11 Clutch
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