Top Ten Things You Need to Forget About

Don't waste your life .... that's a suggestion people need very badly in 21st century

The Top Ten

1 Judgments of others about you

I find it hard to forget about judgements. Now I have a question, what advantage will I gain if I forget about judgements? - Delgia2k

@ Delgia2k, you won't gain anything by that - but you will have faith in yourself, you won't be hopeless because of what foolish multitude say. Intelligent people don't pay attention to what idiots say. - Ananya

2 Annoyed because you remember something which others don't

Don't have to care about - Ananya

3 Maintaining a specific weight all the time

That's really unnecessary - Ananya

4 Ridiculed because of back biters

Don't care about people who talk about you behind your back, they are behind you for a reason. - Ananya

5 Not being noticed
6 Being ignored

It doesn't matter if someone ignores you, there are idiots all around, don't let it stuck in your head. - Ananya

7 Advantages you think you didn't get
8 Stupid names people give you

Don't waste your time like those blockheads do - Ananya

Some of them that I can't really remember. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

9 Inimical feeling of others towards you
10 Problems of past

Easier said than done. Sometimes you have to face your past in order to move forward. - Britgirl


The Contenders

11 A person that rapes you
12 An incident that happened years ago
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