Things You Need to Know About Autism

I'm autistic if you are wondering. And more people need be aware about that some people with it can't control this stuff!

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We have a hard time making friends

Yeah I agree sometimes it was hard for me to make friends, some turned on me, I was able to make some school friends sometimes it hard to talk to new people when nervous

What about that Albert Einstein had autism?

I got diagnosed with autism today & I can totally aggree with this.

Most people don’t even know I exist

We are sensitive to loud noises

One time, I had to leave a restaurant because the talking and music were so loud

When I was 7, I hated applause because to me they sounded like guns

Yeah I don't like some loud noises, some of them I could handle, like the fire alarm at school, the train horn up close, fireworks, and loud thunder unless lightning hit my house, or something in my yard, some loud noises, like loud music or loud machines are hard to handle, a concert would be hard to enjoy without earpugs

When it was my 12. birthday, I invited a few friends and my mom turned on my favorite music, and even if everyone agreed it's not loud, I said it was too loud... so please don't make loud noises around autistic people. It can make us nervous.

We have a hard time with simple stuff

And sometimes the complicated stuff is easier for us to understand

Yeah some can be hard sometimes I remember a simple part in a game seemed hard when I first played


I didn’t learn how to tie my hair up until I was 11 lol

The person can't control it at times

THANK YOU! I wish I can tell people that but admit it as me overactting

We can get mad easier

Yeah, this is true for me. I have anger-management issues as well so I’m often irritable

Eh I get a but angry sometimes but it's rare for me to get SUPER angry! When I am super angry I all of a sudden gain infinite strength so I am strong enough to flip over furniture. Moral: Don't make me angry!

I also have depression and anxiety which I read can also cause angry issues so I get angry really easily.

Yeah I get mad easier sometimes it not fun to get mad easier

We want more space

I absolutely hate it when I get touched by the hair or get poked. This happens the most in a crowd

My mom gets mad at me when I don’t talk to her. I wish she would understand that I like to be alone

I went to an event at the library and little kids were taking my personal space. I hate it when people take my personal space and especially when random people crash into you and stuff.

Could be smarter than the average kid in school

Yeah, I had some good things, I remember get 100% or 1 or 2 wrong on a spelling test a lot in grade 6

I'm smart and I hate know it alls. But I do have a really bad knack for unintentionally ending up as the teacher's pet because I never talk in class (and most kids my age talk a lot in class).

I made the high honor roll in my freshman year

Movements that are hard to control

I have both Tourette syndrome and autism and it sucks. My tics (uncontrollable movements) are repeatedly blinking my eyes and grunting. It sucks

It's not uncommon to have it

I think 1/59th of the population has it

Boys could get it easier

I wish girls got it more I was told girls who are lazy, dirty, and/or childish are the weirdest human beings. So I was the only girl in special ed until only 2 GIRLS CAME! I wonder if they have autism too. I have a mild autism so yeah

It's a fact. Boys get it more often than girls. That doesn't mean girls never get it. They're just less likely to get it than boys.

This is wrong because people are born with autism but studies show that boys have it more than girls.

Girls Have It Too

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Vaccines do not cause autism

Please stop with that rumor. Please vaccinate your children.

Even if they did, an autistic child is better than a dead one.

I hated anti-vax at first since they were letting them and their kids get illnesses but when they spread the "vaccines cause autism" myth my hatred for these anti-vaxxers increased. Now I hate them more than ever.

I got my MMR vaccine after I was diagnosed with autism

Autistic people are 28 times more likely to attempt suicide

Yeah. It’s due to them being mistreated. The suicide rate in autistic people would be far lower if people actually accepting autistics

Uh I don't mean to be rude, but I'm don't think it's a good thing to put "Autistic people are 28 times more likely to attempt suicide" on this list because:
1. Not all autistic people are like that.
2. I find that DEEPLY disturbing, especially if that person either has an autism, or if they know someone with autism.
3. Autistic people can be very UPSET about this, especially if they saw that.

I'm autistic and I think that suicide is HORRIBLE

Not me but this still sounds serious.

It's not a mental illness

So I just saw a popular list of the Worst Mental Illnesses just a few minutes ago, wondering what were the worst ones. Guess what was on there? That's right, Autism! UGH! I HATE it when people say its an illness and that it ruins their lives! In many ways, it can actually IMPROVE one's life!

It's not a mental disorder. It's a dysfunctional one.

It's a CONDITION. - Cyri

Autism is called a superpower! Get it through your heads! Retarded and autism are completely different things! - Slipperyjack40

We love things little kids like

I used to like the bearstain bears until I was 13, I grew out of them in august 2012 - trains45

I'm autistic and I love the Backyardigans

It depends. I'm autistic and while I like cartoons like Disney's Hercules and Rugrats, I really hate baby shows like Barney, and I also like "grownup" stuff like "Criminal Minds" and "Hell's Kitchen"

I agree because I love The Backyardigans. - Ilovestephanie

It has a spectrum and each sufferer is different.

Well, "sufferer" is a bit harsh, but yes. - Cyri


We say things we do not really mean!

I ask people if they married their sisters

I really need to think before I speak sometimes

"autistic" is not a synonym for "annoying" or "stupid"

I’m autistic and people call me annoying I have absolutely no friends at school

Non-autistic people can be annoying, too!

We have trouble understanding sarcasm and may not have much sense of humour

My friend saw this flaw of mine and came up with a private little system: if someone was being sarchastic and I didn't get it, he'd tell me "/s"

I’m autistic and I understand sarcasm and I can also be the queen of being sarcastic so there

I have a sense of humor but no one understands it :( - Slipperyjack40

A lot of famous people have autism

Albert Einstein had autism and he was one of the smartest people of all time! - Slipperyjack40

Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, The guy who made Pokemon happen...

We need help to succeed in school

And life, too

We love the abcs
We have meltdowns/temper tantrums

Yeah I do sometimes, it can be hard to control sometimes - trains45

True I’m autistic and I sometimes rage and freak out whenever I get mad. I try very hard to control my anger most of the time, though.

We are more prone to depression

Yeah sometimes - trains45

There is a high unemployment rate for autistic people
We have a hard time in social situations

Yeah I always did with personal space - trains45

I had trouble saying hi to my relatives that I haven't seen FOR YEARS while attending a wedding once.

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