Things You Need to Know About Autism

I'm autistic if you are wondering. And more people need be aware about that some people with it can't control this stuff!

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1 We have a hard time making friends

I got diagnosed with autism today & I can totally aggree with this. - Fretto

2 We are sensitive to loud noises

When it was my 12. birthday, I invited a few friends and my mom turned on my favorite music, and even if everyone agreed it's not loud, I said it was too loud... so please don't make loud noises around autistic people. It can make us nervous.

This is true. While I may not have it worse than other people do I'm very sensitive to loud noises.

Such as fire alarms and tornado sirens.

I’m not

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3 We have a hard time with simple stuff


4 The person can't control it at times
5 We can get mad easier

Eh I get a but angry sometimes but it's rare for me to get SUPER angry! When I am super angry I all of a sudden gain infinite strength so I am strong enough to flip over furniture. Moral: Don't make me angry! - Lunala

6 We want more space

I went to an event at the library and little kids were taking my personal space. I hate it when people take my personal space and especially when random people crash into you and stuff. - Lunala

7 Could be smarter than the average kid in school

I'm smart and I hate know it alls. But I do have a really bad knack for unintentionally ending up as the teacher's pet because I never talk in class (and most kids my age talk a lot in class). - Lunala

8 Movements that are hard to control
9 It's not uncommon to have it
10 Boys could get it easier

Girls Have It Too

This item is sexist. Be ashamed of yourselfe

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11 Vaccines do not cause autism

Please stop with that rumor. Please vaccinate your children. - SwagFlicks

I hated anti-vax at first since they were letting them and their kids get illnesses but when they spread the "vaccines cause autism" myth my hatred for these anti-vaxxers increased. Now I hate them more than ever. - Lunala

12 It has a spectrum and each sufferer is different.
13 Autistic people are 28 times more likely to attempt suicide

Not me but this still sounds serious.

14 It's not a mental illness

So I just saw a popular list of the Worst Mental Illnesses just a few minutes ago, wondering what were the worst ones. Guess what was on there? That's right, Autism! UGH! I HATE it when people say its an illness and that it ruins their lives! In many ways, it can actually IMPROVE one's life!

It's not a mental disorder. It's a dysfunctional one.

15 We love things little kids like
16 We are more prone to depression
17 There is a high unemployment rate for autistic people
18 We have trouble understanding sarcasm and may not have much sense of humour
19 A lot of famous people have autism

Bill Gates, Isaac Newton, The guy who made Pokemon happen...

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