Top 10 Things You Need to See In Toronto

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C.N. Tower

Never been here on my Canada trip in 2013. Maybe in a future tour.

I went there, it was good. - MrCoolC

The C.N. tower in Downtown Toronto, Canada is one of the worlds most magnificent towers. Standing at a height of 553.33 meters it is the 3rd tallest tower in the world (2014). It was built in 1976 and is still standing strong. To get up the tower you take a glass elevator which gives you a great view of the city but the real view is at the main floor which gives you a great view of the whole city. There is also a restaurant that serves a large variety of food. Some highlights of the tower are the glass floor, which I would not advise you to do if you are afraid of being up high. Another popular thing to do at the C.N. tower is the edge walk. You hang over the edge of the tower, being held on by a strong cord. The gift shop also has many cool perks. - Zachywaky

I went there two October's ago and I had never been there beforehand. It was absolutely astounding. Of course, I braved the harsher Autumn winds when out on the outdoor platform, but that didn't stop me from spending hours out there. I can only imagine how much better it would have been during the summer. I recommend this to anyone. - BKAllmighty

Ripley's Aquarium

It is my favorite aquarium by far. It isn't as big as the Georgia aquarium but it has the shark tunnel which is the closest some people get to being on a submarine. - Mono

Ripleys Aquarium is on of the worlds best and largest aquariums. It has many different tanks full of a huge variety of fish. Most peoples favourite tank is the Danger Lagoon. Full of a huge variety of sharks, other fish, turtles, squids, crabs, and other things. Ripleys Aquarium has many fun activities for kids of all ages. It also has shark feeding once a day and a spot to touch stingrays, plus an amazing gift shop. It is also a huge tourist destination, first of all because it is right next to the C.N. tower, and second of all, it is just amazing. - Zachywaky

YES! This deserves to be #1. An absolutely astonishing attraction. Been there twice. I wanna' go again! - BKAllmighty

Hockey Hall of Fame

Let me think. I've only been there once and it was back in Spring of 2007, I believe. Anybody who loves hockey will have a blast here, guaranteed. It's chalk full of interactive displays and memorabilia. The Stanley Cup, of course, is the crown Jewel. - BKAllmighty

If you are a hockey fan, then this is the place for you. With singed Jerseys, helmets, gloves, socks, and you can even touch the Stanley Cup! Their are also video games that require lots of hockey skill, plus N.H.L. 15. It also has a 3-D movie theatre and in game souvenirs. The gift shop is expensive. - Zachywaky

Casa Loma

The stables there still smells like horses!

Casa Loma, an old castle from 1903 that has been transformed into a museum. With epic passageways, this is easily one of the best castles on earth. - Zachywaky

Never been inside it, although I know certain films in the X-Men film series have used Casa Loma for filming Xavier's mansion. - BKAllmighty

Distillery District

I like it the most in Toronto because it's a part of English culture! - Olabin

The Distillery District is the oldest part of Toronto. One thing the Distillery was known for was its whiskey and beer. The company Gooderham and Warts was founded in 1832 and by the late 1860s was the worlds largest distillery.They made tons of beer before closing and created over 7600,000 litters of whiskey. It is now a large tourest destination with lots of shops. - Zachywaky

Toronto Island

Toronto Island is a beautiful Island. It is very kid friendly and has a spot with small rides. It is a great spot for a day tripe. It has many picnic arias and you can rent bikes for a day. To get to the Island you have to take a fairy. It is also great to take your bike their because their are many bike paths. - Zachywaky

You can take your dog over on the ferry.

Royal Ontario Museum

Know as the ROM, this museum has a large variety exhibits. The favourite exhibit is the dinosaur fossil section. With many different dinosaur skeletons, this is a great exhibit. The ROM is also known for its look. It is an incredible looking building and was extremely hard to build. It has an incredible shape and is made of glass. - Zachywaky

I was there earlier this year and it's as good as big city museums go (and I've been to the Museum of Natural History in NYC). Of course, it's no where near the size and scope of the Smithsonian, but it is still very impressive. - BKAllmighty

Rogers Centre

The Rogers Centre is a place to go for sports and music. When star bands come to Toronto, the Rogers Centre is usually where you will find them. The Rogers Centre is also home of the Toronto Blue Jays and the Toronto Argonauts, two of Toronto's professional sports teams. - Zachywaky

What an impressive building. Went to a Jays game back in 2008 as part of a school trip and loved every second of being there. I WAS EVEN ON THE JUMBOTRON! Although I made an idiot of myself by staring at it like a four year old boy with his mouth open. - BKAllmighty

Toronto blue jays

Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery is a great place to see the paintings of famous artists. The Art Gallery also has many courses for both adults and kids. The building itself is great art. - Zachywaky

Scarborough Bluffs

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Edwards Gardens
Eaton Centre

The Eaton Centre is a shopping mall. It has almost everything you need and is known for clothes shopping. Its kind of hard to find someone who has never been. - Zachywaky

Toronto Zoo

Go when it's winter, so nobody's there and it is like you're actually on a wild safari. There were literally about 3 other families in the entire zoo there when we went in March. A cheetah also lunged at me from inside its cage, and that was scary but great, and I was alone when it happened, so I ran like a bullet. Many memories from this zoo, even though I was there only once.

It's fallen into slight disarray in recent years, unfortunately. It is still a brilliant zoo and there's nothing like it for miles (kilometers, I should say). It just needs a little more funding, I think, to bring it back to full vigor. - BKAllmighty

Table Rock
Air Canada Centre
Dundas Square

Dundas Square is Canada's answer to New York's Time Square but in Toronto. It's cleaner and brighter than ever because so many visitors walk around Yonge Street to see the incredible infrastructure similar to New York City. There are digital billboard signs and some western restaurants to fit the surroundings of the highly urbanized Grand Theft Auto. Best place to visit once you've landed in Toronto Pearson International Airport

Kensington Market
High Park
The Beaches
Queen East
Graffiti Alley
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