Top Ten Things You Need to Survive in the Wild

The Top Ten

1 Multi-Tool

They are made up of many different tools that help you survive, such as a knife, a saw, some scissors, and many others. - ChuckLaunching

My dad has this! Just sharing. - Misfire

Swiss Army Knife may be one of viable solutions - BorisRule

2 Fire Starters

Good for starting fires. This includes flint & steel and lighters. - ChuckLaunching

3 Water Purifier

You can drink water from rivers/lakes without having to worry about getting sick. - ChuckLaunching

Thank you for this list! Will remember your advices! - BorisRule

4 Compass

Bring a compass so you can know which way to go and where things are. - ChuckLaunching

5 Hatchet / Axe

Chop wood to make firewood or chop wood to make a shelter. - ChuckLaunching

6 First Aid Kit

If you get hurt, you could use a first aid kit to heal. - ChuckLaunching

7 Tent / Survival Shelter

If you already have one of these, you don't need to create your own shelter out of wood/plants. - ChuckLaunching

8 Machete / Blade

You can chop plants out of the way or save yourself from wild animal attacks. - ChuckLaunching

9 Survival Whistle

Whistle for help or scare away threatening wild animals. - ChuckLaunching

10 Flashlight / Lantern

It could be solar-powered or hand cranked, so you don't need batteries to power them. - ChuckLaunching

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