Top 10 Things You Only Like When You're Older

"EW! That!? I could never imagine doing THAT! " Oh younger you, you were so naive.

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1 Kissing

Like, seriously, man. Cooties. - higgsboson2142

To kids it's cooties, but to adults is love. - ruJILLous

2 Tomatoes

I have always liked tomatoes, but not in all forms. I've never been able to swallow ketchup. - PositronWildhawk

I've always liked tomatoes in all forms. That also includes tomato sauce, ketchup, etc. - ruJILLous

I despise tomatoes but I love ketchup, tomato sauce (without the chunks) etc. etc. etc. - RiverClanRocks

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3 Horror Movies

My friend already liked horror since she was young - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

4 Exercising

I certainly hope so. When my metabolism slows, I'll sure need it. - keycha1n

It gets more important as you get older. - ruJILLous

5 Reading

I can't think of anyone of any age who wouldn't appreciate reading, at least! - PositronWildhawk

I've been reading as long as I can remember. Guess I'm just unusual. - PetSounds

Well you are unusual though I don't know if the reading habit is a major part of it 😉 - Billyv

I've been reading since I was real young. I'm pretty sure everyone did. - ruJILLous

No. I started reading when I was 2 or 3. Books rock! - RiverClanRocks

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6 Fashion
7 Money
8 Classical Music

I'd go so far as under the age of 18. When someone asks me what music I like, I mention The Beatles, David Bowie, Paul Simon, and The Doors before I mention classical--just so they don't immediately think I'm weird.

Just one thing: concert bands generally don't perform classical music. - PetSounds

Sure, there's some people who will NEVER respect classical music, but I'm sure most of us were dying to get up and run around during any orchestra or concert band concerts that we saw under the age of 10. - higgsboson2142

Definitely not for kids, or usually not even for teenagers. Appreciation of classical music is closely linked to maturity.

I didn't care too much about it when I was little, but I do appreciate classical music a little more now. - ruJILLous

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9 Big Dogs

I loved dogs my whole life. I never cared how big they were. I just wanted one real bad. - ruJILLous

10 The Banjo

I'm not even joking. Little kids seem to think of the banjo as some weird foreign piece of machinery, but then suddenly you turn 14 and "Woah you play the banjo!? Dude, awesome! " - higgsboson2142

I have an older friend who loves banjos! And I mean they love them a LOT. - ruJILLous

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12 Violent Movies
13 Violent Video Games

This item doesn't belong on this list. Kids play that stuff all the time.

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14 Rap Music

Most people acquire their taste for this when they go to jail for the first time.

I'm about as goody-two-shoes as it gets, and I enjoy select raps. The meaningful ones, at least. The other stuff is terrible and screamy. You can say it isn't real music, I don't particularly mind. I don't have musical taste, I just listen to the words. - keycha1n

15 Sex

You meant ONLY right? but everyone does not like sex sometimes

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16 Virginity
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