Top Ten Things You Probably Did Not Know About Adolf Hitler


The Top Ten

1 Hitler lost one of his testicles

He deserved it. - MarioMaster101

Thanks for that visual. - XxembermasterxX

I actually knew this one but not the others. - LizardKing99

Serves him right for all the nasty things he did!

2 He never visited a concentration camp

He never actually organized the camps, himmler did.

Why, afraid to see what monstrositys he put the Jewish people through? - Therandom

I knew that but it was his idea te Twissted bastard

3 Hitler could have gotten killed in WW1 but a British soldier saved him and then Hitler later recognized the soldier

That soldier shouldn't have done that - ElSherlock

That soldier was worse than Hitler. - Userguy44

I hate that soldier who saved Hitler. He should have had Hitler killed. - DarkBoi-X

If only he knew how much of a mistake that was... - 3DG20

4 Hitler got a bunch of Jewish artifacts to make a museum about an "extinct race"

Hitler is bad because the media told me to - CerealGuy

Ugh seriously? That's horrible!

5 Hitler was 4 and was drowning when a man jumped and saved him

He should of drowned. - XxembermasterxX

And the man was a Jewish lifeguard - Ajkloth

Curse that man

He should've drowned. - MarioMaster101

6 Hitler was a vegetarian and created laws against animal cruelty

Hitler was a genius!
But too bad he used it for evil. - CerealGuy

I red it somewhere

Oh wow sure

Yes Cereal Guy... I Am Agree with You...
I am not racist... and I don' support anti-semitism and killing people...
But yes... he is a genius and charismatic Leader But also very evil!

7 Hitler lead the first anti-smoking campaign

Hitler is more believable than those anti-smoking commercials I see on T.V..

The only good thing

Watch the David cole documentary

8 Hitler's first love was a Jewish girl

what? - MarioMaster101

WHAT? - Userguy44

Maybe she kicked him to the curb and caused him to hate Jews

The gentleman gamer, Adolf Hitler, was the supreme incel of his time upon being rejected by Jewish Stacy/Veronica. - Bolshoy_Brat

9 He was nominated for the Nobel peace prize in 1939

This doesn't make any sense - TwilightKitsune

What how in the name of hades did that happen

Wow... I didn't Knew That... Hitler? Peace? The Joke of Year...
Peace Prize for A Man Who think the one race is better than Other Humans Races!
A Pure Evil...

10 In his youth, he actually wanted to be an artist

And perhaps he should've stuck with that.

Yeah, but his paintings of buildings were decent, but his animals and humans? They looked AWFUL! - ObviouslyNotATroll

I actually knew that. I saw it on a YouTube channel called OverSimplified.

I knew that and his dad also married his brothers daughter

While its very possible that he married his step-niece there is no evidence that its true - Pearlwillington

He has nice art

The Contenders

11 Hitler almost drowned in a lake but was saved by a priest

Too bad. - I80

12 He was a Disney fan

What? - ElSherlock

It's true:-(

Who put this stupid stuff?


13 Hitler consumed up to 2lbs of chocolate a day
14 He had a farting problem

Wh- Wha- What?! - Gehenna

Britgirl should see this. - SamuiNeko

I thought he had Fuhrerious problems! - CerealGuy

15 He wanted to kill the Three Stooges

Is it true?

I love the Three stooges but they somehow insult Hitler

And the show was in 1943

16 He had a fascination with wolves

Adolf is a furry - TeamRocket747

Is he a wolfaboo? - ElSherlock

17 He was scared of the dentist

Only little kids are scared of the dentist - ElSherlock

18 His body was buried four times before it was finally cremated and the ashes thrown into the wind


But the FBI confirmed that Hitler ESCAPES Germany TO Argentina.

19 There are claims that he wanted to maintain his moustache because he thought it would make his nose look smaller
20 Hugo Jaeger was his personal photographer
21 He considered creating a "Museum of an Extinct Race" that would house his collection of Jewish artifacts
22 He actually protected one Jew, Eduard Bloch
23 He wasn't German. He was Austrian

He was actually born in Austria.

Wrong. He was a socialist libtard, Zionist Jewish, Globalist Shill and lackey of the NWO. To disagree with this means that you are a Nazi. - Bolshoy_Brat

24 His death didn't come from the war, it was from suicide

Who would've known he committed suicide? Well, at least we can be thankful I guess. - Bammer73

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