Top Ten Things You Probably Did Not Know About Eminem

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One time a crackhead broke into his house and made a peanut butter sandwich and did not steal anything

No comment... - 3DG20

Eminem wears clothing size XXL

He only weighs about 149 lb. and is 5' 8". By the way, I'm not stalking, this is just research. - PhoenixAura81

As a nine year old, Eminem was beaten so badly he was in a coma for a week

By a bully, it was sad but now Eminem is a great rapper with a net worth of 250 million and now the bully is a janitor. Karma! - venomouskillingmachine

I read that. The bully's name is D'Angelo Bailey. Eminem's mom also filed a lawsuit against the school in 1982 which was dismissed the next year. Sad. - PhoenixAura81

Poor Em

Eminem has been targeted in Snoop Dog, Jay Z, and Kanye West's songs in the past and supposedly has had 'Subliminal Beef' with them
When Dre first met Eminem, Eminem was wearing a bright yellow tracksuit from a sponsor. Dre said he looked like a banana

Well, he IS a banana - Billyv

Lol, this one cracked me up! - keycha1n

You did an excellent job on this list OneWayStreet! Plus this item makes me laugh.. - CartoonsGirl

To be signed to Shady Records you have to battle Eminem

Good luck with that... - 3DG20

You may as well just give up and go to a different studio because you're not going to win.

When "Vanilla Ice" blew up, Eminem did not want to rap anymore
At 20 he was the driver in a drive by shooting of Paintballs
Eminem wrote "Lose Yourself" in one take while on the set of 8 Mile
Eminem does not know how to use a computer

Dang… - PhoenixAura81

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His mother nearly died during his 73 hour birth

She was age 15 at the time - OneWayStreet

That's an obscene age to be pregnant. I even remember reading that. - PhoenixAura81

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