Top Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About North Korea

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1 Citizens are banned from the internet, tourism is impossible, and they are not allowed to leave the country

Kwangmyong is the North Korean internet -- its dial up. It's only in libraries, universities and other organisations throughout the country. Except they don't really have any electricity.
Tourism - a tour guide who is like some stalker you cannot enter or leave your hotel on your own, you must stay with the tour guide and can't go where ever you want to visit.
It's also a prison and cult.

That is scary and horrible. I knew one of these facts from another list though. But why can't you leave the country? This means you can't go this route when you go on vacation! Worst place ever.

Tourism is possible. Just kind of risky to apply for.

Well, I'm glad I stayed where I am (America).

2 North Korea holds elections every 5 years with one candidate - the leader

That's what makes the Democratic People's Republic of Korea not so democratic.

How can they change? Duh. What the heck.

3 If one of your family members gets sent to prison camp your whole family goes

AND your children, AND your grandchildren, and possibly even your GREAT-grandchildren.

4 Someone sent a copy of the Interview into North Korea which is making fun of North Korea

Kim Jong Un should be forced to watch that everyday.

5 North Korean Prison camps are almost the same as death camps
6 Bibles, South Korean movies, and pornography may get you sentenced to death

It isn't true it's all lies! Glorious North Korea will never do this! Remove west!
Glorious Kim Jong Fat Un will beat them! *sarcasm*

People shouldn't be killed for entertaining themselves.

Pornography I have to agree with
The others is a no no

Well they have to worship Kim.

7 There's an organization that sends copies of the bible in North Korea
8 The people can only choose from a set of predetermined haircuts

But surprisingly Kim Jong Un's haircut isn't on that list.

North Korea = Hell with the insanity.

Sad yeah well they also get the death penalty if they fold a newspaper that the corner covers the leaders face

WHAT THE HECK. This country…no words can describe how bad it is.

9 In 2013, their leader killed his own uncle

Not simply killed his uncle by exucution, the leader threw his naked uncle inside the cage full of starving dogs.

10 Marijuana is not classified as a drug and is legal

And meth which they have all been told is medication.

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11 There is a death metal band in North Korea called "Red War"

I'm serious. Just look for it on YouTube or search for it on Google.

Metal is every where.
I hope these guys succeed

12 The calendar in North Korea is called Juche

They use that instead of the normal calendar.

13 It is mandatory to handover human waste for farms

It would also be poisonous. Being too lazy to get real fertiliser.

14 They have four television channels (the latest came out in 2015 Sport Television)
15 Koreans have been brainwashed to believe Kim Jong Un is a God who can control the weather

According to the book In Order To Live, it is true

But now they didn't celebrate his 34th birthday.

EEEW this moron is 5 or 6 years older than me.

16 They are modern-day national socialists

North Korea is an extremely nationalistic country, and they are a "communist" state, their only political party is called the Workers Party of Korea, similar to the German Workers Party (Nazi party). The term, "Nazi" is short for, "national socialism" or "nationalist socialism". With all that said, North Korea is basically modern-day Nazi Germany.

17 Women are expected to have shorter hair upon marriage
18 Tourists are placed under the management of official tour guides and you must adhere to their every instruction
19 Tourists can't talk to anyone who lives in North Korea
20 Tourists can only purchase things from tourist shops
21 Parents are required to register the birth of a baby with information at the local town hall, with the police, and with the secret police
22 At the age of 10, all children join the Children's union
23 At the age of 17, you have to vote and bow to the leaders portraits
24 People get sent to prison camps for not being sad enough about the death of Kim Jong il

That's stupid not being sad about one of the leaders that they probably never even met.

25 They have 3 amusement parks

And if you want to go there on holiday which is the last place you should go to ever you cannot just go there. North Korea is a CULT.

Mangyongdae Funfair, Kaeson Youth Park, Munsu Water Park.

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