Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About Iggy Azalea

Hopefully you didn't know most of these, or else this list would be an epic fail. Llama!
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1 Her Birth Name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly

Such w cool name!

Yup... You read it right. Iggy Azalea is just a stage name! O_O I know right? - ChubbyTheLlama

2 She Got Her First Fake ID at Age 13

Wow, she went I into clubs at age 13?! - funnyuser

And she used it to go to clubs... - ChubbyTheLlama

3 She Came to America Alone in 2006

Iggy was born in New South Wales - ChubbyTheLlama

4 She Dressed as Cruella de Vil For Halloween 2013

That lady from 101 Dalmatians, right? - ChubbyTheLlama

5 Every Tattoo She Got, She Got the Day She Thought of It

She has a lot of tattoos. - ChubbyTheLlama

6 She Crossed Out The A$AP In One of Her Tattoos

In 2010-2011, when Iggy and A$AP were dating, she got 'Long Live A$AP' tattooed on three of her fingers. After they broke up, she crossed out A$AP. - ChubbyTheLlama

7 Iggy's Hit Black Widow Was Written by Katy Perry

I didn't know that one until now. - ChubbyTheLlama

8 She Shot The Music Video for 'Bounce' in India

I actually knew that one before. - ChubbyTheLlama

9 She's a Fan of Hillbilly Tacos

A creation made of a taco shell slathered in butter with minced meat and grated cheese. - ChubbyTheLlama

10 She Was Born on July 7th

She is 24 years old. - ChubbyTheLlama

She was actually on born June 7th, 1990 - jbella9000

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11 Iggy Was Her Dogs Name So She Used It As a Stage Name

And Azalea was the street name from where she lived as a child. - ChubbyTheLlama

12 She Got Fingered at One of Her Concerts

You mean like the f🖕u k you gesture or…

13 Her Zodiac Sign is Gemini
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