Top Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About Total Drama

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1 In 2006, there was an early version of Total Drama Island being made. In this series, Lindsay was the antagonist, Gwen wasn't a goth, and Heather wasn't in the series.

Not only that Heather didn't exist, but Izzy, Courtney, and Noah also didn't exist during it's beta - Gehenna

Lindsay being an antagonist? And Heather wasn't in the series? Now that's something I did not know. - cosmo

I can't imagine Lindsay being an antagonist. - ToptenPizza

Most likely, Lindsay's early personality was similar to Heather's personality today. However, Lindsay's looks were similar. - Turkeyasylum

2 In the early version of Total Drama Island, Gwen's original name was Heather.

I like gwen more who do you like

Pretty ironic since Heather and Gwen are enemies now. - PizzaGuy

Heather and Gwen are enemies nowadays. - EpicJake

Ironic since Gwen and Heather are enemies in today's TD. - Turkeyasylum

3 In 2011, the Japanese earthquake/tsunami disaster made the Total Drama: Revenge of the Island producers think some of their content was too graphic. Due to editing, the release of the season was delayed almost a year in America.

That's almost a YEAR people! That would have been enough time to make another season of TD... - Turkeyasylum

Wow. I didn't know this. - Therandom

4 A scene from Total Drama World Tour's episode Broadway, Baby was deleted in America. In the scene, Cody was about to fall into Lady Liberty's breasts until Sierra saved him. After that, Cody and Chef agreed it would have been a good way to die.

I have watched that scene on YouTube but never on T.V. and didn’t know about that.

The reason it was banned: defiling the Statue of Liberty and being inappropriate for the younger children in the audience. Go to Netflix or YouTube to see the deleted scene. - Turkeyasylum

I saw the deleted scene. It's laughable how censored everything needs to be here. - ToptenPizza

It was actually pretty funny. - PatrickStar3

5 B's design was based off of DJ's original design in the early Total Drama Island. The design was also used for a member of the camera crew.
6 When Total Drama's creators were designing Lindsay, they said they were going for "A Reese Witherspoon type of look"

Of course you could tell

7 Anne Maria was originally going to be a contestant on Total Drama All-Stars, but the producers scrapped her for a member of the Total Drama Island cast.

They also considered Brick and Dawn!

The producers made a good move there... - Turkeyasylum

The put Courtney in instead of her bad move Producers. - PatrickStar3

8 Katie and Saide were the same weight in the early Total Drama Island.

I saw it they were both skinny

Where they both skinny or both fat? - ToptenPizza

9 In Grand Chef Auto, when Mike was done defeating his personalities, an image of Mal flashed in the background for a very short time.

I thought it was a dark evil shadow of Cameron at first, but it turned out to be Mal after I watched All-Stars - Gehenna

This was probably the best Easter egg of the series... It basically foreshadowed all of next season. - Turkeyasylum

I thought I was the only one who saw that but it was a very great Easter egg

Ya, I saw that too. I though my T.V. was gliching but when I paused it, I saw Mal there.

10 Justin is the only member of the Total Drama Island cast to have pupils in his eyes.

Gives him that extra bit of dazzling-ness. - Puga

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11 In the original plans for Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, there was going to be an episode where Dakota hosted the show.

*glugs down an entire glass of water* *spits it out*

Unfortunately, the producers scrapped that idea... - Turkeyasylum

That would've been awesome. - PatrickStar3

12 In the first episode of total drama Beth talks about a figure skating show saying that a guy dropped his partner on her head and Jacques dropped Josee on her head and they are ice dancers
13 They're thinking of making a seventh season of total drama but Toffer is the host

No it's Don a new guy. - PatrickStar3

No way


14 In the princess pride when Harold goes chef is actually toothless
15 Lindsay and Tyler broke up after All-Stars
16 The dare that got Heather eliminated in TDI was Lindsay’s fear (Shaving her head), which was something Heather had threatened her with.

Oh the Irony. - Gehenna

Very ironic.

17 Sierra Was Originally Supposed to Like Noah, They Scrapped It and Then They Left Emma for Noah!
18 Lindsay originally had white spots on her bandanna
19 Total Drama is Canadian
20 Owen was originally skinny

I did NOT want to know that

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