Things You Secretly Believe In

The Top Ten Things You Secretly Believe In

1 Ghosts

Considering the fact that I am a ghost, I believe in them

2 Friday the 13th

Of course I believe in Friday 13th - it comes around every so often. It's pretty hard to avoid. - Britgirl

It's a day. Of course it exists. God people - MoldySock

3 Zombies In Your Cellar
4 Monsters
5 Earthbound Is Great

Not in my opinon - Jake09

6 Aliens

Yes, I believe in intelligent life on other planets, though I do not believe they ever visited Earth (I believe that they are too far away to visit Earth).

It's the only feasible thing on this list. Considering the probability of intelligent life and the size of the universe, why should Earth be unique? - PositronWildhawk

7 A God
8 Karma

I believe in karma for secrets only known to me. - Britgirl

Whatever you do comes back to you

9 Santa Claus

Saint Nicholas who he is based on duh.

I believe Santa does not exist. Scientifically proven. Reindeer, my jolly foot. - HezarioSeth

10 Angels
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