Top Ten Things You Should Be Doing Instead of Being On This Site

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No thanks. Doing that tomorrow. It isn't due tomorrow anyways. :P - Misfire

My case is pretty much similar. Should be focusing on college entrances and SAT exams (though one year is still left). But still... - Kiteretsunu

No like actually I should be doing my Math - Curti2594

Yep, that's pretty much my life... Should be doing homework but not doing homwork

A Project
Going Somewhere

We are all going somwhere. This site is the brick wall which stops us. - Britgirl

Paying Your Bills

No thanks, I'm bad at that. - Misfire

Completing What You Were Doing Before You Got On Here

I already finished doing it. - Misfire

Going to Sleep

Sleep is important. I fully agree. - Userguy44

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Getting Out Of Bed

Bring your phone to bed. Then you don't have this trouble. - PositronWildhawk

Going Swimming
Playing Xbox
Playing Video Games
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