Top 10 Things You Should Buy In Bulk

The Top Ten
1 Toilet Paper

Until you realize that EVERYONE ELSE is doing it at the moment thanks to the panic-demic that is going on. Then you all of a sudden can't find it anymore on the shelves.

But the dumb thing is almost all the items you'd being buying in bulk, someone else needs it more than you. - NuMetalManiak

Just think oh no I don't have any toilet paper but wait a minute I have 500 rolls in my closet! - Norrisofchuck

Can never have too much of this stuff. - Britgirl

2 Bottled Beverages
3 Diapers

And pull ups

4 Gum
5 Dog Food and Treats
6 Laundry Detergent
7 Meat
8 Storage Items
9 Personal Care Items
10 Paper Plates and Plastic Forks

You can never have enough of this

The Contenders
11 Comic Books
12 Crack Cocaine

Why not? It may come in handy some day...

13 Peanut Butter

For when the apocalypse comes sweet and sour brownies. Yummy!

14 Cosmetics

Lots of maskera and lip gloss

15 Jewelry

The kids be looking atcha like man look all swag
Coming out of the toy store

16 Shrimp Chips

My family is Asian and we buy shrimp chips but not in bulk...

17 School Supplies
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