Top Ten Things You Should Do After School


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21 Start a new activity
22 Steal a car

Literally,this will get you arrested - pugiscool

23 Something nobody else has done before
24 Procrastinate doing your homework

Don'procrastinate, just go to your room and play on your phone! :-)

25 Have a sandwich
26 Have sex

Must be non penetrative and a trusted girl.

God this site s filled with idiots.

Why, just why?!


no - schoolsucks

27 Not do your homework

See your teachers be whiny the next day - spodermanfan1000

And then, whine and see they scold you and then "oh you just whined in the grade period" - MChkflaguard_Yt

Yay - schoolsucks

28 Push ups
29 Go on TheTopTens
30 Prank your family/friends
31 Meditate
32 Play with your pets
33 Have some hot chocolate
34 Go on a hike

It's good for you!

But you have that much time to do so? Then you probably have dayoff or suspension. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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1. Go online
2. Relax
3. Listen to music
1. Go online
2. Relax
3. Have a snack
1. Play video games
2. Buy something
3. Go outside

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