Top Ten Things You Should Have Done In Your Childhood

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1 Stepped between the lines on a tile floor

I did this endlessly, it was a game to me haha

Fun and addicitve, I would still do it if it didn't look really weird

The most relatable list I've seen

Yes sometimes I do it at the mall

2 Thought the D in Disney was a G

I have no idea what you are talking about.

I actually almost thought that myself

You know what I'm talking about

Looks like a treble clef.

3 Repeated a word until it didn't sound like a word

Even adults do that

4 Starred at the blade of a ceiling fan

Wow that's true as well I did it so many times!
Such a creative and an amazing list!

As a kid I stared at the ceiling fan while it was spinning.

For some reason ceiling blade fans reminded me of the letter Q as a kid...

I still do this if I’m bored

5 Accidentally said a bad word

Reminds me of the Rugrats episode where Angelica sneaks out and heard Miss Carol said a word that is bad. She said it in front of her mom, and her parents did not want her to say "these words" anymore. Then, she asked which one is the bad one? And she knew that one of them is bad, and she got in trouble for saying it again. This is rude, she is just only asking. She didn't even know what that word means, and then she apologized to her parents that she won't say that word again. Then, when she is in the Miss Carol show, she said a bad word, and this made the parents' reaction hilarious! Then Miss Carol got fired for saying a bad word on children's television, so Miss Stephanie took over it. That's what the episode is basically all about.

Actually when I was little I was mimicking some radio. I was copying it word for word than I said something unintentionally that shouldn't have been said by a toddler.

No, not at all. What makes you think I would ever do such a thing? (Totally not lying)

I used to say "what the hell" all the time, and when I found out that I was cussing, I starting bawling XD.

6 Thought you invented a word

Dot-dots: a type of pattern found on certain ceiling tiles

Bookie/booky=OK what the heck I don't even know...

I was like 6-7 at the time...

Coincidenciest: means a very unlikely coincidence.

Yep. Mine was "klutz"

7 Counted as high as you could

Well at school the teacher would ask you to come to her desk and see how high you count

I think the highest I counted before getting bored was around 3000.

The highest number I thought that existed was “eleven hundred million billion billion” or something like that.

8 Cut your own hair with scissors

I did this when I was 9, except it was my brother's hair, I thought I was being helpful.

I did that in Kindergarten and the teacher yelled at me in front of everyone.

I have done that before when I was 7 years old.

I did this when I was 5

9 Built a fort

Seriously if you didn't do this I feel sorry for you

I mean... who hasn't?

Heir yee heir yee

You obviously didn’t have a childhood If you didn’t do this

10 Played a game of Mario Kart

Not sure who I usually pick but I think I choose the dragster kart

Definitely I play Mario Kart and I'm 9 years old right now.

Same old post and I am 10 right now not 9.I was 9 at that time.

I played it so many times. Especially Mario Kart DS.

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11 Totally thought you were saying a word right when you weren't

Back when I watched the show "Go Diego Go", Diego had this accent that made the word "toucan" sound completely different than what it actually was. For years, I always thought that the way he said it was the right way, and even now it is still hard to remember the right pronunciation.

12 Looked at yourself in the mirror while you were naked

I still do this bc I'm cute this way uwu

13 Climbed up the slide at the playground

Anyone else here still do this, or is it just me?

I still do this because I'm bored easily

14 Tried to shave yourself

I am a girl and when I was 2 I attempted to shave my face and I ended up cutting myself.

I did this and was cut so badly I had to go to the ER.

15 Tried to ride a dog like a horse
16 Went #2 while in the bath

I did that once, then like an idiot, I tried to shove it down the drain thinking my grandma wouldn’t notice. I was 5, okay?

I did that when I was 3 and I lied about it XDDD

17 Drew a masterpiece on the living room wall

I did this then I had to scrub the wall as punishment

18 Unrolled the toilet paper, put the end in the toilet, then tried to flush it

I did this on an airplane once.

This sounds hilarious to do.

19 Picked out all the marshmallows from cereals like Lucky Charms and ate them separately

I honestly didn’t know until now there was such a thing as a breakfast cereal that had marshmallows that is pretty bizarre honestly.

20 Make LPS music videos (or other toys)

The thumb has to be on the forehead

21 Play Minecraft at 3 in the morning on a rainy night in bed
22 Had a water balloon fight

During a pool party/BBQ in CA in June 1997 I had a water balloon fight with my older cousin and I completely soaked him. It was fun! I was 5 at the time.

I have been participated in water balloon fights when I was a kid. It’s really fun to do. I miss these times sometimes.

23 Jumped on the bed
24 Went to Chuck E Cheese
25 Bit the tip off the an ice cream cone and sucked out the ice cream
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