Top Ten Things You Should Have Done In Your Childhood


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1 Stepped between the lines on a tile floor

I did this endlessly, it was a game to me haha - Ananya

I still do this!

Fun and addicitve, I would still do it if it didn't look really weird - Songsta41

Did you copy me,because I already had a similar list,but this is still a good lists - Nateawesomeness

2 Thought the D in disney was a G

I have no idea what you are talking about.

You know what I'm talking about - Cheese567

Yeah I thought that too! - Ananya

I thought it said "Walt Gisney"

3 Repeating a word until it doesn't sound like a word

Even adults do that - Ananya

4 Starred at the blade of a ceiling fan

As a kid I stared at the ceiling fan while it was spinning.

Wow that's true as well I did it so many times!
Such a creative and a amazing list! - Ananya

I still do this if I’m bored - Randomator

5 Accidentally said a bad word

Actually when I was little I was mimicking some radio. I was copying it word for word than I said something unintentionally that shouldn't have been said by a toddler. - PianoQueen

I purposely say bad words - Nateawesomeness

What do you mean, PetSounds?

My younger self was obsessed with spoonerisms and adventure stories. A friend and I used to play a game where we'd reverse the names of book characters. I became Hobin Rood, he became the Neriff of Shottingham. I became Him Jawkins, he became Jong Lohn Silver. I became Som Tawyer… - PetSounds

6 Thought you invented a word

Dot-dots: a type of pattern found on certain ceiling tiles

Coincidenciest: means a very unlikely coincidence.

Deaole means food

7 Counted as high as you could

The highest number I thought that existed was “eleven hundred million billion billion” or something like that.

8 Cut your own hair with scissors

I did this when I was 9, except it was my brother's hair, I thought I was being helpful. - kempokid

I have done that before when I was 7 years old. - Pegasister12

I did this when I was 5 - Ananya

Yeah, it was a mess.

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9 Built a fort

Seriously if you didn't do this I feel sorry for you - Cheese567

You obviously didn’t have a childhood If you didn’t do this - Randomator

10 Totally thought you were saying a word right when you weren't

Back when I watched the show "Go Diego Go", Diego had this accent that made the word "toucan" sound completely different than what it actually was. For years, I always thought that the way he said it was the right way, and even now it is still hard to remember the right pronunciation. - Minecraftcrazy530

The Newcomers

? Jump on the bed
? Unroll the toilet paper, put the end in the toilet, then tried to flush it

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11 Play a game of Mario Kart

Definitely I play Mario Kart and I'm 9 years old right now.

Same old post and I am 10 right now not 9.I was 9 at that time.

I still play this, it’s the best!

I played Mario Kart 64 when I was 5.

Man, I miss that game so much... :(

12 Shoved your fingers in your mouth until you passed out just because you were bored
13 Thought “eleventy” and “eleventeen” are real numbers
14 Tried to shave yourself

I am a girl and when I was 2 I attempted to shave my face and I ended up cutting myself.

15 Went #2 while in the bath

I did that when I was 3 and I lied about it XDDD

16 Freaked out when your parents tried to give you cold medicine

The grape Triaminic gives me intense flashbacks. I dreaded that!

17 Spin yourself on the swing set at the playground
18 Climbed up the slide at the playground
19 Picked your nose then eat the boogers
20 Scratched your butt and private parts then sniffed your finger
21 Drew a masterpiece on the living room wall
22 Had a water balloon fight

During a pool party/BBQ in CA in June 1997 I had a water balloon fight with my older cousin and I completely soaked him. It was fun! I was 5 at the time.

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1. Stepped between the lines on a tile floor
2. Thought the D in disney was a G
3. Repeating a word until it doesn't sound like a word
1. Stepped between the lines on a tile floor
2. Thought the D in disney was a G
3. Repeating a word until it doesn't sound like a word


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