Top Ten Things You Should Know About Filipinos

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1 Pinoy Pride is so annoying.

"Filipino pride (or diminutively, Pinoy pride) is a hollow knee-jerk reaction of Filipinos whenever someone with a semblance of Filipino blood makes it big outside the Philippines. And it this Pinoy pride that makes them react the same
Way, each and every time. The biggest tell-tale sign of Pinoy pride is that
Filipinos need validation from foreigners that they exhibit/possess good qualities. This to me is a sign of a massive inferiority complex. "

They won't feel tired at all writing about Charice Pempengco and Manny Pacquiao for hours in internet. - Fazrin

Personally, it's just annoying when someone you don't even or never knew but is a Filipino(pure or partially) who landed big-time in their career, the local media or news is suddenly going to be all about him/her and what's worse is the fact that people will actually follow them. I mean come on, do you even know or support that star?

As a citizen of this country I think pinoy pride is a desperation attempt or feeling of filipinos either for the world to notice (us), or in order to temporarily lift the status of pinoys in world rankings, or just simply a temporary satisfaction of oneself just to ease the hard life of the country.

In short, I hate it. And the cause of it are the damn local media and the unfulfilled, dreamlike promises that the government has spoken us since EDSA 1.

Pacquiao is a national hero and a congressman. For what? Boxing? Laugh out loud!

2 Filipinos are naturally positive people.

Positively love to scam you.. But secretly want to cut your throat and gouge out your eyes

True. I am friends with toptenners who are Filipino. They're really nice!

Meanwhile when your mother picks up the tsinelas

3 Most Filipinos are fluent in English.

Ah yes. This is indeed true. I am a quarter Chinese (if there's even such thing) and the rest is Filipino. Most Filipinos are great when it comes to English language. Though some may be dumb when it comes to it.

In fact, many filipinos in rural area who didn't received formal education can speak in English. - Fazrin

Might have been in the 90's, but now I get "Pa ingles-ingles ka pang elitistang ka. Mag-tagalog ka na lang! ". I swear intelligence had been degrading ever since the Philippines had been introduced to social media.

That's because they learn from a young age how to con Americans

4 Filipinos have contributed great things to the world history from inventions to social movements.

Contributed to flaming annoying in social media and online games - LadyLovansa

Like? What?

5 They always vote corrupt politicians as presidents.

They have reasons for doing so. They still have HOPE. They hoped that a politician as such could help. They hoped that the politician they believe that could bring change. You can't generalize them as such. We are all different, we all have different perspectives. Just respect it.

This is true in most cases. They used to praise their candidates before election but after six years, they have already turned against them. Posting memes every now and then in social media that offend their once favorite candidate. Most filipinos are gullible and treacherous to their decisions. - joshsanz

Maybe there's no other choice left. - Fazrin

6 Filipinos have fought so much for their democracy
7 Filipinos have strong family ties

They always forgive each other and love each other

I agree on this one

They do have strong family ties. I am not fillipino but I had always witness the closeness and the comaradarie amongst their families. they seem to be fun loving and always joking and laughing, that's the kind of people I like to be around with!

8 Filipinos are very flexible and can adjust to any situation.
9 They are bad liars

They lies left and right
You are stupid if you listen to them, one of biggest liners nation

As if any other human in this world does not lie. Ignorant of you to generalize them as such.

Where do I begin on this one laugh out loud
They lie about their age
They post fake pictures of them on Facebook
They lie about how much money they have.
I could continue but I'll leave this one to you trust me if you have a Filipino friend on Facebook check them out completely!

Very true when there mouth is moving lies come out

10 Filipinos have this practice called “Bayanihan”

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11 Filipinos are very warm and hospitable to all races.

They welcome refugees always

12 Many Filipinos are geniuses

Are you kidding me? Geniuses at WHAT? Figuring out how to rip you off?

To prove Filipinos are smart, I, as an example am smart enough to just ignore your everyday ignorance. - Fandom_Lover

The Filipinos were smart enough to rip someone off. They had a great power of persuasion, and wittiness. Contradictory it is that someone would call Filipinos liars, when someone can get ripped off by them.

No! they're retarded!

Well this is what I personally believe. - Fazri

13 They're very nice to foreigners.

I'm a Malaysian and I've many filipino friends. They treated me like a family members. And no, they don't hate me because I'm a Muslim. And I really appreciate that.

They're racist

14 Their principle aim in life is to try and convert people into Christianity

Many people here still believe of some crap that only Christians, especially catholics, are the only ones that can go to heaven. 17th century mentality

Catholics do not think that way. For Catholics, heaven is for all.

This may be true. I was once Catholic now I'm Christian but it was by choice.

Seriously.. he can raise the dead, cure the blind, walk on water but can't stand 3 nails?
50 Cent even can handle 5 bullet in his body.. lol

15 They boast about how they lie.
16 Most Filipinos are multi-lingual.
17 Filipinos cook well
18 Filipinos can't express their feelings well
19 Filipinos have a long life span

They have a long Life span because some can live until 100+ Years

20 They won't stop bugging and insulting you if you are an uncircumcised male

Circumcision is just unnecessary. Telling someone if you are circumcised, you will be a man is just stupid. Piercing off a chunk of meat will not make you a man. And if you are in a group of people that know you aren't circumcised, they will call you "supot" (means gay). Not every country does that so why should Filipinos say that to them?

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