Top Ten Things That You Should Know About Taylor Swift's Sixth Album

Many rumour that taylor's sixth album will be release in 2016,but on taylor swift official website many fans state that 1989's will have seventh single and will be Greatest Hits Album on 2016.
The Top Ten
1 It Won't Release In 2016
2 In 2015 , She Stated That She is Not Working Yet With Her Sixth Album
3 It Will Contain Country and Remixes
4 It Will Release In 2017/2018
5 It Will Be Her Last Album She Releases Through Big Machine Records


6 The Lead Single Will Release In Summer 2017/2018
7 It Will Be Different from Her Past Albums
8 The Tour Will Be Held from 2019 - 2020
9 She Will Collaborate With Max Martin and Shellback
10 A New Song That Similar to 22 and New Romantics
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