Top 10 Things You Should Know About Video Games If You are a True Fan of Them and Not a Poser

The Top Ten Things You Should Know About Video Games If You are a True Fan of Them and Not a Poser

1 IGN stands for IGN-orant
2 Nintendo still makes a lot of really excellent games, just not nearly as frequently as before
3 The only real things that the Xbox 360 had over the Wii and PS3 were its controller, its graphical/online framerate, Xbox Live and the fact that Fallout 3 and Oblivion were actually playable on it
4 Sonic, as big of a franchise as it may be, still has considerably more value as Rule 34 material than it does as an actual series of games
5 Call Of Duty, Destiny and modern-day Halo are all about as dull and boring as first-person shooters get
6 Most indie games inspired by popular big-name titles are NOT ripoffs; they're tributes (case in point: Undertale to Earthbound, Cave Story to Metroid, Shovel Knight to Mega Man and Duck Tales)
7 Um Jammer Lammy and Gitaroo Man are what the Parappa The Rapper games WISH that they could be even half as good (not to mention weird/crazy) as
8 Conker's Bad Fur Day really wasn't that funny even for its time
9 If you strip away the incredibly flashy visuals and time-traveling gimmickry, Chrono Trigger really is basically just baby's first Final Fantasy VI but without the mandatory grinding and random battles
10 Rayman Origins and Donkey Kong Country Returns both individually made New Super Mario Bros look like an absolute joke by comparison, let alone when combined together

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11 Super Mario Bros was far from being the first Mario game

This is one of the few options on this list that isn't an opinion.

That title goes to Donkey Kong. In all fairness, though, he was "Jumpman" back then. - Cyri

12 The ONLY non-kart-racing portions of the Crash Bandicoot series worth playing are the original trilogy and Twinsanity

And maybe The Big Adventure - xandermartin98

13 Fanbases do NOT determine the quality of the actual things that they belong to
14 Starcraft Wipes Its Rear End with Warcraft
15 Super Smash Bros Brawl and 4 are Easily Just as Good as Melee
16 Metroid Prime 2 and Bioshock 2 are both easily just as good as their predecessors
17 The original Half-Life was actually a considerably more unique and innovative game than its sequel
18 Guitar Hero and Rock Band did NOT invent the guitar-playing genre of music games
19 Final Fantasy VII and X are both easily among the weakest overall entries of the main series
20 Kefka from Final Fantasy VI is just a garish, tasteless ripoff of the Joker from Batman
21 Pikachu is FAR from being the cutest animal in Pokemon's repertoire
22 Super Metroid pales as a standalone game when compared to the Prime trioogy
23 Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and even Majora's Mask all made vast improvements over Ocarina Of Time
24 The original Parappa The Rapper is actually by far the worst installment of its series
25 Ubisoft sucks now
26 Beneath their fancy high-res graphics, most modern-day Sony and Microsoft offerings really aren't that great of games
27 The PC Master Race myth is a scam and is mostly only justified for Bethesda games, PC exclusives, Steam games, MMOs, and Team Fortress 2
28 Almost literally every Nintendo sequel is basically just a glorified remake of a previous game from the series (Earthbound, Super Metroid, Link To The Past, etc)
29 Microsoft and Sony easily have just as repetitive of game libraries as Nintendo, if not perhaps even more so
30 Literally the LAST thing Cuphead needed to be was an Xbox exclusive
31 Cave Story is boring and outdated and has been easily outclassed by countless other indies, both as a game by Axiom Verge and as a story by Undertale
32 Undertale and Mother 3 really aren't as emotional or even particularly well-written as they're made out to be; same goes especially for Last Of Us
33 Naughty Dog is easily the most overrated Sony developer ever
34 God Of War 3 was actually quite disappointing as a game when compared to the first two
35 Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth is just a glorified bishounen mama's-boy pansy and always has been
36 Portal 2 was NOT better than Portal 1; in fact, it was pretty much literally just the exact same game but (mostly artificially) longer
37 Taking unique and interesting games like Syndicate and remaking them into boring and generic everyday shooters is outright sacrilege
38 As a horror game, Resident Evil pretty much stopped being good AT the fourth installment

What about 7? - Cyri

39 Mega Man 2 is FAR from the best Mega Man game ever made, even without counting the X series into the equation
40 Halo came out before Call Of Duty and was actually more of a Doom/Metroid hybrid ripoff than anything else
41 The Sonic Cycle is just as real as everyone on Encyclopedia Dramatica says it is
42 Super Smash Bros was intended as a goofy party game, not a hardcore MLG fighting game like Tekken and Soul Calibur
43 The fanbases of Sonic and Metroid would both easily be better caretakers for the franchises than their actual developers at this point
44 Final Fantasy is one of the most generic and cliched role-playing game franchises in existence
45 The Last Of Us is literally just a garishly glorified survival-horror reskin of Uncharted
46 Undertale's morality system is about as realistic and complex as the one from Infamous, as well as somehow FIVE times more pretentious
47 Undertale and Earthbound are both great in their own rights but nowhere near "best RPG ever" material as far as gameplay goes
48 Breath Of The Wild did NOT recieve all of its praise solely for having the Zelda label plastered onto it
49 Your preferred company is NOT the only one that makes good games
50 Five Nights At Freddy's and Slender can both be pretty aptly described as anti-scary
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