Top 10 Things You Should Never AirDrop at School

I had got caught AirDropping in history class recently. It started on Wednesday during Math class when I was just sending harmless memes such as Me and the Boys, a Donald Trump speech disguised as a Rickroll, and Handsome Squidward. I didn't get in trouble and she didn't call my parents, but told me it was a warning not to AirDrop again because two people were sent to the office for being involved, and I started that incident. But still, you should 100% never AirDrop pornography and other obscene/offensive things. If you don't want to be AirDropped by random people, then change "Everybody" to "Contacts Only" (if you still want AirDrop from your family and friends).
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1 School shooting plans or threats

School shootings are a big problem to society since the Columbine High School massacre. Planning a school shooting or threatening to kill someone in public is illegal, and can result you in getting expelled.

2 Images of dead people

Sending pictures of people who have died in horrific gory ways to everyone can shock or upset them and ruin their day. This can get you expelled.

3 Nazi images

Since WWII, promoting Nazism is very offensive and can get you in big trouble. For example, there have been students who dressed up as Hitler for Halloween at school. Doing this is a big no-no, and can get you suspended, or maybe expelled.

4 Pornography

Doing this is very illegal and can get you expelled. I have nothing else to say...

5 Shock videos

No. Doing this along with pornography can get you expelled. Shock videos are videos that are very disgusting/disturbing that make people lose their appetite. This includes 2 Girls 1 Cup, Mr. Hands, and Lemon Party

6 Adolf Hitler images

Due to what he has done to this world along with Nazism, they are both very offensive images.

7 Animal abuse images

Animal abuse is very harmful to society. It's hard for animals to tell if you are nice or mean, because animals can't understand you and you can't understand them either. AirDropping pictures of animals getting hurt and killed can get you in trouble.

8 9/11 jokes

Making memes/jokes based on a tragedy like 9/11 is very offensive, disrespectful, upsetting and unfunny. Doing this gets you in a lot of trouble.

9 Ku Klux Klan images

Sending images of a racist group who burn buildings for African-Americans and kill them is a big no-no and it's not funny.

If you are a psychopath and still want to, just blur out the logo and say they are ghosts.

10 The N-word

It is more offensive and racist when a white person says it or sends the word to everybody.

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11 Death threats
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