Things You Should Never Do In the Dark

These are some things you just shouldn't do in the dark.

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1 Play Charlie Charlie

This is 100% fake. I can better hundreds or even thousands that the pencils will never move.

Never play Charlie Charlie in the dark. Don't play Charlie Charlie at all. - TopTensFan

The only thing I do in the dark Is sleep - andre56

2 Say Bloody Mary three times while looking in a mirror

Tried it and its fake.

3 Have a séance

Seriously. This is stupid. You guys need some logic.

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4 Stand in a haunted mansion
5 Play tag
6 Play hide a go seek
7 Have a paintball match

Make sure you where a helmet and have those bendable light sticks.

8 Upload YouTube videos
9 Run a race

This list is ridiculous. This is actually reasonable. Also I tried this and it's a bad idea.

10 Run

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11 Run backwards

You could crash into something. - cosmo

You shouldn't run backwards at all. - TopTensFan

12 Walk
13 Eat
14 Drink
15 Kiss
16 Go sky diving
17 Have sex
18 Sit
19 Play video games
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1. Play Charlie Charlie
2. Say Bloody Mary three times while looking in a mirror
3. Have a séance
1. Say Bloody Mary three times while looking in a mirror
2. Run backwards
3. Play Charlie Charlie
1. Upload YouTube videos
2. Run
3. Walk

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