Top 10 Things You Should Never Do at a Funeral

Funerals are very serious things. Don't go to one and do any of these things. (Also, if you're actually going to one soon, you might want to save this for later.)

The Top Ten

1 Fart

I's not a great idea to fart in public in the first place, but funerals are really bad places to cut the cheese.

2 Read this list

It might make you laugh, and laughs are very out of place

3 Fall asleep

(Not that I am, this, but,) what if you are narcoleptic?

Same deal as having hypoglycemia and eating a snack during the time. I have narcolepsy's cousin (being epilepsy.) Since it may very well be something you can't control, I don't think it's "disrespectful," but I feel fortunate that the lights didn't go out at anyone's memorial or funeral so far.

A little disrespectful

I think this is worse than farting because it’s usually easier to avoid and harder to ignore.

4 Read a book

Again, this is deemed as disrespectful by most people.

5 Go on Twitter

Really, social media is a headache anyways, and you can check out whatever it is later.

6 Burp

Same idea as farting. It's just bad manners anyway.

7 Make jokes

If you're like me and have a clearly vivid sense of humor, it's not exactly a great idea to exert it at a funeral.

This is the only one I have done at funeral when my grandfather died the family started thinking of all the jokes he used to tell.

8 Eat a snack

Not as bad as burping or cutting some cheese, but still, funerals are supposed to be pretty silent. If you have hypoglycemia, I suppose it's okay, but still...

9 Blast a very loud heavy metal song

my dad wanted Thunderstruck by AC/DC played at his funeral; it was granted and played. The mourners smiled and headbanged along, all the time saying. "Typical Dave" It it is what the deceased requests, then anything should be played in respect.

Oh. I stand corrected. I just don't really know funeral/memorial protocol.

But what if it was what the deceased wanted played at their funeral?

This is just plain wrong, given the context.

Classical music would be more fitting

At my grandfathers funeral we played a record by a boy soprano who my grandfather went to school with.

10 Stream Netflix on your phone

You really shouldn't have your phone with you if this is what you use it for.

The Contenders

11 Laugh

(I just had to submit the visual.) At any rate, this can come off as a "Good riddance," "Glad you're dead." or other rather sadistic thoughts, potentially.

12 Get Drunk

I imagine a lot of people actually might do this but it could lead to some serious problems.

13 Watch YouTube

Same idea as Netflix

14 Cough

Mostly on the corpse

15 Sneeze

Sometimes you can't help it, though.

16 Arrive late

One thing that most shows that you didn't care about them enough.

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