Top Ten Things You Should Never Do On the Internet


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1 Post Naked Pictures

This is real bad. Bad enough that they have the pictures but it would be really embarrassing.

Embarrassing? It's wore than that. It's humiliating.


2 Cyberbully

This was something that I did and I feel terrible for doing it. I made a Deviant Art journal titled "Apology to the People I cyber bullied." I let my anger get out of control and yes I did delete some of the mean comments, but I can never delete the action. I owe an apology to the people that I cyber-bullied here on this website and the people I talked bad about or to on Twitter.

To everyone else, please don't make the stupid and mean mistake that I did. If someone says something that upsets you, don't threaten the person like I did. Instead, do not bother with the comment. It is not worth the anger and frustration to get back at someone, only to feel guilt because you were mean to them.

Again, I feel guilty and ashamed for commiting the act myself and I am trying to become a better person. - Murvine_Taylor

Please from the bottom of our hearts, please do not cyber bully. Do not. If you do, the person may suicide, couldn't they? If I made somebody suicide, I honestly couldn't live with myself. I never, ever want to ruin somebody's happy life.

Many kids stared suicide because of cyber bullying. I seen one kid jump off a building and another who choke their self with a belt because of cyber bullying. Never do it please don't. - Chaotixhero

I certainly agree with this item. People may do it as a joke because it’s not people they know, and those people also have feelings, and you don’t know what the people you’re bullying have been going through, and it’s just not a good thing.

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3 Lie About Something You're Not

Never share you password

I agree with this list. - EpicJake

Catfish: the T.V. show was created for a reason. - Chaotixhero

I agree. This is what happened on my 11th birthday on ACNL:
(In Club Lol)
Leila: Hi Lani!
Lizzy: Haaaiii
Keziah: Hey!
Me: Hi dudes! I'm in Club Lol!
Leila: Happy 9th Birthday!
Lizzy: Happy 14th!
Keziah: Hope your 10th year is the best!
Lizzy: Uh
Leila: What?! Lani's 9 and I know it.
Keziah: I thought she was 10!
Leila: You're 9! Tell them, Lani!
Me: Well… truth is… I'm actually 11…

BAM! Everyone leaves my town.

4 Post Inappropriate Videos

Don't even try because you'll never know when a punk show it to everyone - Chaotixhero

Bad spelling

5 Watch Porn

Oh man...they do weird stuff - Chaotixhero

Watch porn all day every day

Everyone should watch porn

6 Play the Scary Maze Game

I was haunted for over a year because of that game - Chaotixhero

which one!


7 Create a Porn Video and Post It
8 Trust Ads

Congratulations! You, like ten million others, are the millionth user of this site! Tell us all about your personal life, and perhaps your PIN number, to win 32 grand! I'm sorry, negative 32 grand. As big a bargain as burning your bankers! - PositronWildhawk

Hey you are getting $1000 dollars! Just click here! Don't do it. Never trust them. - Chaotixhero

I'm proud make an ad- Just kidding no!

9 Internet Dating

I'm sorry but internet dating is stupid. I prefer meeting people in person. But that's just me. - Chaotixhero

At least it's not so bad when you play online games with real-life girl/boyfriends. - tent2


Aww a 50 year old man dating a 6 six year old girl~ Just kidding it's gross even seeing someone as a fiancé or fiancée is still gross when it's online

10 Become a Troll

There are lots of trolls on the Internet. - EpicJake

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11 Watch Two Girls, One Cup

Yeah this video is awesome

That made me puke

Get this to #1

12 Play Fortnite

Do not have opinions about either

Whoever doesn't vote is gay

13 Commit Suicide on Camera

Who's going to post it if your dead? - Picklesthekitten45

I seriously would never do that

That's correct

14 Search Jake Short
15 Reveal Personal Information
16 Cut Yourself Online
17 Go on the "Offended" Page on Encyclopedia Dramatica
18 Go To

I actually went on this site once. It was shocking.

19 Share Your Opinion

Haha, yeah - Neonco31

20 Be A Stereotypical Undertale Hater

Great troll though

I WILL KILL ANYONE IF THEY ARE ONE (I wont actually kill but u know )

21 Go to Meatspin
22 Support Donald Trump
23 Look up really nasty things

Of course - Ikura

24 Become Involved with the Daisy vs Rosalina War
25 Search "Late Term Abortion"
26 Talk to Strangers

It could be a 50 year old man, living in his parents basement trying to get your person info... if that’s not creepy.. what is.

27 Keep Your Webcam Open
28 Go to

You will get a virus.

29 Be Mean


30 Post Pics
31 Go to
32 Search "Blue Waffles"
33 Watch a Video of Kids Screaming at the Dentist

I felt bad for those kids. I actually know how they feel since I had experience with an evil dentist as a child.

34 Share your address

This can tell people where you live

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