Top Ten Things You Should Never Do On the Internet

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1 Cyberbully

This was something that I did and I feel terrible for doing it. I made a Deviant Art journal titled "Apology to the People I cyber bullied." I let my anger get out of control and yes I did delete some of the mean comments, but I can never delete the action. I owe an apology to the people that I cyber-bullied here on this website and the people I talked bad about or to on Twitter.

To everyone else, please don't make the stupid and mean mistake that I did. If someone says something that upsets you, don't threaten the person like I did. Instead, do not bother with the comment. It is not worth the anger and frustration to get back at someone, only to feel guilt because you were mean to them.

Again, I feel guilty and ashamed for commiting the act myself and I am trying to become a better person.

Please from the bottom of our hearts, please do not cyber bully. Do not. If you do, the person may suicide, couldn't they? If I made somebody suicide, I honestly couldn't live with myself. I never, ever want to ruin somebody's happy life.

Many kids stared suicide because of cyber bullying. I seen one kid jump off a building and another who choke their self with a belt because of cyber bullying. Never do it please don't.

I've been cornered online before. It is seriously terrifying because the internet is so anonymous and huge.

2 Post Naked Pictures or Videos

There are 2 stories about a girl. In the end , she got her hair shaved off.
#1: Bullied someone with cancer. This is pure torture. I had alopecia, people bully u because u r bald, it's sad.
Story #2!: Posted nude pics. No clothes? NO HAIR!

This is real bad. Bad enough that they have the pictures but it would be really embarrassing.

Embarrassing? It's wore than that. It's humiliating.

These are just gross

3 Lie About Something You're Not

Person: Hi I'm married to a supermodel and I'm male
Me: Oh who your wife
Person: My children also are
Me: No child is supermodel some are models but not supermodels exposed
See all just like Daffy in The Looney Tunes Show episode Reunion you can come up with too much lies

Catfish: the T.V. show was created for a reason.

. My name is Keziah! So I'm NOT the only person who has that name.!

I agree with this list.

4 Internet Date

Internet Dating can be dangerous, because you’re agreeing to meet up with someone who you’ve never met in real life. They might not be very nice.

I rather choose dating face to face thank you very much. Internet dating can be both deceiving and dangerous.

I'm sorry but internet dating is stupid. I prefer meeting people in person. But that's just me.

Maybe you shouldn’t risk this because there may be some underage people on it posing as adults.

5 Post Inappropriate Videos

Don't even try because you'll never know when a punk show it to everyone

Bad spelling

6 Troll

There are lots of trolls on the Internet.

7 Watch Porn

People would rather do this than online date? NANI?!

This... I don't know what to say to this...

You will regret looking at this

Yeah this video is awesome

8 Reveal Personal Information

This can tell people where you live

never do this

9 Trust Ads

Congratulations! You, like ten million others, are the millionth user of this site! Tell us all about your personal life, and perhaps your PIN number, to win 32 grand! I'm sorry, negative 32 grand. As big a bargain as burning your bankers!

I never trust those free prize giveaway pop-ups ever. Those were meant to try to scam you.

Hey you are getting $1000 dollars! Just click here! Don't do it. Never trust them.

Don't click those since some can give you viruses

10 Play the Scary Maze Game

I was haunted for over a year because of that game

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11 Keep Your Webcam Open
12 Harass
13 Stalk
14 View Inappropriate Content

I actually went on this site once. It was shocking.

Blue waffle is an example so don't do it it's gross

Shrek related to be more specific.

It's not what you think it is

15 Scam
16 Give Money to People that You Don't Know
17 Talk to Strangers

It could be a 50 year old man, living in his parents basement trying to get your person info... if that’s not creepy.. what is.

18 Post Something with Child Pornography
19 Look Up Things that Upset You
20 Be Friends with Strangers
21 Post Pics

I post pics on my insta oof

22 Vent About People

KB will change

Don’t be an Impostor and stop using the vents! 🤣

23 Post Something with Copyrighted Material Without Permission
24 Join a Public Discord Server
25 Look Up Things When You Don't Know What the Are
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