Top 10 Things You Should Never Do In a Scary Movie

The Top Ten

Be Brave and Fight the Killer

Duh they don't fight the killer till the end why don't they grow a pair and fight in the start

Hide Under Bed
Run Out the House
Get Near a Killer Becouse You Think He's Dead
Fall Asleep
Hide In the Closet
Punch the Killer

Uh oh retard alert


The Contenders

Become the Killer

Seriously if your insane go right ahead and either get the crap beat outta u by me or get arrested

Kill the killer and this one got my attention...

hey, do you guys have some book/ website to become one? lol
but really, I have killer instincts...kinda.

Go somewhere alone
Have Sex
Jumpscare a guy for no reason
Making something very graphic and tragic
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