Top 10 Things You Should Never Do in a YouTube Intro

From the youtuber, mr.beast who runs a series, worst intros on youtube, he has taught me a lot of what not to do in an intro, so today, here are 10 THINGS YOU SHOULD NEVER DO IN AN INTRO!!! (All credit goes to mr.beast!)

The Top Ten

1 Use copy-righted music

Don't use copy-righted music, just don't, if you do, you'll have to pay a fine, delete all videos with that intro, and more! - Dragonj37

If you wanna use music in your video, it should be less than 5 seconds, if not, the labels will find you. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

2 Abuse an animal

OK, not literally abuse an animal, but don't add something on an animal! JUST DON'T! - Dragonj37

3 Write your name on a piece of paper and dance with it

People would barely see your name and the intro would SUCK! THEY WONT EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE! - Dragonj37

MrBeast made a worst intros where he reviews kids dancing with paper

4 Don't get hurt

Just something you shouldn't even do in real life! Yeah, I bet people lots a TON of brain cells. Just don't say OW, k? - Dragonj37

5 Copy a template and write your name on top of it

Don't do that, unless if your name is "Name" - Dragonj37

6 Sing your intro

Don't do this, unless if you have one the voice, american idol, or any other singing T.V. show! - Dragonj37

7 Copy other intros

There is this one kid, who copied jacksepticeye's happy wheels intro! I MEAN, WHO DOES THAT! HE EVEN SAID HE WAS JACKSEPTICEYE WHEN HE HAD BROWN HAIR, AND NO SEPTIC EYE THINGY! - Dragonj37

8 Ask for likes, comments, or subscribes, before the actual video

So, you expect people to like? Before the video? #Wow - Dragonj37

9 Be sure everyone can understand you
10 Use a phone for computer generated intros


The Contenders

11 Use generic intros that everyone already uses
12 Twerk
13 Use porno videos
14 Masturbate
15 Kill Yourself
16 Dab

Ultra cringeworthy. - MChkflaguard_Yt

17 Pillow abuse
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