Top Ten Things You Should Never Do


The Top Ten

1 Jump off a cliff

Only a moron would do this.

2 Dump a bucket of army ants on your head
3 Eat yellow snow
4 Jump out of an airplane without a parachute
5 Take the night shift at "Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria"
6 Fight Chuck Norris
7 Crap off the edge of a skyscraper
8 Murder
9 Fight a tiger with your bare hands
10 Fart on your employer

The Contenders

11 Practice beastiality
12 Throw your children into the wall
13 Rape
14 Eat a rat sandwich
15 Headbutt a glass window
16 Point at some random person while you're driving
17 Go swimming with the sea snakes
18 Put a big fire cracker into a fish tank
19 Walk off with a stranger

For all you know he/she could be a serial killer, a pedophile, or a sex offender. You never truly know what people are like. Just because someone seems normal and friendly doesn't mean they are and you won't even know it until it's too late. Sometimes even your own family and friends may not be as innocent and trustworthy as you're led to believe. You can never be too careful.

20 Play with weapons

Weapons are not toys. They hurt people. Even kill them. Only a total idiot with play around with a weapon.

21 Walk around at night

Walking at night can be dangerous because you never know what you're gonna run into. And it's harder to see things in the dark.

22 Swim when you're bleeding

Especially if you're at the beach or at sea. Sharks are attracted to the smell of blood and they have a very keen sense of smell. They can smell blood from miles away.

23 Play with a Ouija Board

I'm not looking forward to summoning spirits and demons.

24 Put a potato in the microwave for 10 minutes
25 Cheat
26 Steal
27 Tell your wife she's fat.
28 Masturbate with the door open

That's just sick!

29 Forget to delete browser history after watching porn
30 Stick your head in a lions mouth
31 Mock an animal

You're asking to be attacked. And if you are, the animal shouldn't have to pay because you were asking for it.

32 Dares

Just because someone dares you to do something doesn't mean you should. You could end up hurting yourself or worse.

33 Opening your door for strangers

You never know what a stranger is like or what they're gonna do. Never open your door or invite someone you don't know into your house.

34 Hitchhike

Never hitchhike and never pick up hitchhikers. You might live to regret it...or not.

35 Physically assault someone

No matter how much you hate someone or how angry you are, nothing gives you the right to lay your hands on somebody. That's assault and battery and you can get in trouble for that too.

36 Let someone else carry your baby

Some surrogates aren't as normal as you might think and they can get attached to your baby and not want to give it up.

37 Comment bad about this list
38 Lie
39 Be evil
40 Practice bestiality
41 Light stuff in the house
42 Vandalize other people's property
43 Drop your phone in the toilet
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