Things You Should Never Give Your Sweetheart on Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. And it’s all about love! However, if you wanna give your sweetheart something, don’t give her these ten things.

The Top Ten Things You Should Never Give Your Sweetheart on Valentines Day

1 A Skunk

Just think about it. You capture the skunk, and put him in a box. And when you give your sweetheart the box well, you will most likely never get back with that person again. - RadioHead03

2 A Dead Animal

They might be trying to send a message here - SirSheep

Seriously don't do this. To top it off what if the dead animal smells or worse, has bugs eating the dead corpse. Ack! - RadioHead03

3 A Blood on the Dance Floor Album

It will make you and your sweetheart’s ears bleed

Don't blow your sweetheart’s ears out, unless your sweetheart tortures you, and you wanna get revenge. - RadioHead03

4 Dead Flowers

No suprise here. The flowers would be already wilted, and fall apart. - RadioHead03

5 Not Chocolate

Yeah, this entry on the list might sound weird. You might be asking, what do you mean by not chocolate? Well some people are sick, and they would actually use poop, roll it into some chocolate shapes, put it into a box, and give it to their sweetheart. Yeah, I know that sounds bad. - RadioHead03

6 Melted Chocolate

That would be a horrible mess - trains45

A gooey mess. - RadioHead03

7 One of Those Singing Stuff Animals that Look Creepy

This would most likely send your sweetheart, the other direction. - RadioHead03

8 The Emoji Movie

Now this one is just cruel - SirSheep

If you give this to your sweetheart. They will hate you, rob your house, rob your family, and ruin your life forever!
Okay not really, but The Emoji Movie is garbage. Don't torture your sweetheart by buying them a copy. - RadioHead03

Good way to get stabbed in your empty yellow emoji heart. You’d deserve it for being so twisted. �"Prototype 3.

9 A Card that Says I Hate You

You can see why. - RadioHead03

10 Chalk Candy

Since there will be no Sweethearts this year, you can make your own. But don't smash chalk, and mix into sugar. It would taste bad. - RadioHead03

The Newcomers

? A dead stripper
? Plane tickets to anywhere but where you live

The Contenders

11 A Lil Meerkat album
12 A Cannibal Corpse Album
13 A picture of Submarine Man
14 Divorce Papers
15 A Cupid costume
16 A lecture on its pagan origins
17 A lady in a cake
18 A Nickelback Album
19 Underwear
20 Expired Food
21 A Half Eaten Cake
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