Top Ten Things You Should Never Say to Big Fandoms


The Top Ten

1 The Phone Guy is the murderer

The FNAF Fandom will shank you! - Jahni200

2 2d Sonic games were the best ones!

This is simply sometimes true..(Glares at Sonic Boom) - Jahni200

3 My Little Pony is for girls

You'll end up on the news. - Jahni200

Boys can also like a girl show like PPG

4 Doctor Who is overrated

People WILL stab you for that. - Jahni200

What scum bag would ever say that

5 Foxy is a good guy

Yet another one regarding FNAF sigh just don't mess with them if you don't wanna get shot this evening okay! - Jahni200

6 Marvel is better than DC

I'm guilty of hurting someone because they said that. What! Dc is better. - Jahni200

I like batman but all the rest of the dc HEROS are to op so they suck

7 Jeff is the #1 Creepypasta

Ehem. What happened to slendy? - Jahni200

8 Your fandom sucks

There's a thing in the world that's called respecting other people's opinions.

9 Smosh sucks!
10 Mangle is a girl!

Mangle has no gender. I used to believe it was a girl, though. - Pegasister12

The irony! It's clearly a boy! - Jahni200

The Contenders

11 One Direction is 'ok'

Yes they are 'Ok' - Jahni200

12 Lulu is the best Metallica album
13 Serena is the Worst Pokegirl Ever

Pokeshippers are driving me CRAZY right now.

14 Gundam SEED Destiny is the best Gundam series.
15 “I don't ship that! “
16 Nobody Cares About Your Manufactured Korean Boy Bands

Even if it's true... - llamakalamari

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