Top 10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Co-Worker

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Are you pregnant?
The new manager is a real jerk

Employee: "The new manager is a REAL jerk..."
Co- Worker: "Er... The new manager..."
Employee: (Interrupts) "Not now. I'm taking."
Co Worker: "Please listen..."
Employee: "I said not now! Can't you see that I'm..."
Co Worker: (Blurts out in interruptions) "The new manager is standing right behind you! "
Employee: (Looks behind and gets nervous) "Oh! Hi! "
New Manager: "Oh! Bye! You're fired! Pack your things and leave! "

That can be very true to life. - PositronWildhawk

You owe money for the boss' gift

Only your boss can say that to their workers!

You're so skinny! Why aren't you eating?

Talk about an eating disorder (I'm NOT making fun of anyone)!

That's not my job
I heard Kim is dating Ryan
You're how old?
Don't ask me, they don't tell me anything
Why are you so dressed up today? Got a job interview?
I'm so hungover

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Let's have sex!
Do you know what time Scandal is on?
I'm dead now so don't talk to me
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