Top 10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Co-Worker

The Top Ten

1 Are you pregnant?
2 The new manager is a real jerk

Employee: "The new manager is a REAL jerk..."
Co- Worker: "Er... The new manager..."
Employee: (Interrupts) "Not now. I'm taking."
Co Worker: "Please listen..."
Employee: "I said not now! Can't you see that I'm..."
Co Worker: (Blurts out in interruptions) "The new manager is standing right behind you! "
Employee: (Looks behind and gets nervous) "Oh! Hi! "
New Manager: "Oh! Bye! You're fired! Pack your things and leave! "

That can be very true to life. - PositronWildhawk

3 You owe money for the boss' gift

Only your boss can say that to their workers!

4 You're so skinny! Why aren't you eating?

Talk about an eating disorder (I'm NOT making fun of anyone)!

5 That's not my job
6 I heard Kim is dating Ryan
7 You're how old?
8 Don't ask me, they don't tell me anything
9 Why are you so dressed up today? Got a job interview?
10 I'm so hungover

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11 Let's have sex!
12 Do you know what time Scandal is on?
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