Top Ten Things You Should Never Say to Your Friend's Mom

The Top Ten Things You Should Never Say to Your Friend's Mom

1 You should've stayed with your boyfriend
2 The boyfriend you had before was way better
3 You look old

If a person knows/sees that their friend's mother is old, then he/she should keep it to themselves before hurting anyone's feelings.

Most people - HollowArrow

4 My other friends' houses are way better
5 Can I go to the restroom?

Don't ask your old enough and the mom is busy - HollowArrow

6 You seemed happier when you were alone

Some might get mad some will not - HollowArrow

7 Are you sure that is your son? He doesn't look like you
8 Is it a boy or a girl?

Most moms will get mad not because you asked that because you called her child a it - HollowArrow

9 My mom raised me pretty well. You should get advice from her

Id actually ask for advice and then follow it. - MarioMaster101

Actually I would be very upset instead of not caring.

If a friend said that to my Mum, I won't even care.

Anyone who talks like that to their friend's mother must have some serious issues to deal with.

10 I learned to talk before I was three

Saying that to a friend's Mum sounds very messed up!

I did too! - MarioMaster101

Most moms will get mad because your pretty much telling them that there child are very slow at processing - HollowArrow

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11 Did you use to be a guy

That's actually kinda funny

12 F*** you
13 You're so mean
14 Shut your mouth
15 You're a liar
16 Nobody wants to hear you speak with your voice ever again!
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