10 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids

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1 "Great Job"

That’s a good thing - DrayTopTens

I remember really hating when people said this if I thought I had done a bad job. If I thought I deserved it, I was fine with it. - Yoshilord

Why would I never say this to kids? It's best to praise them and make them feel they're doing great, so they can keep it up. - TheRegular1227

What? I would say this to my kid. - letdot52

2 "Practice makes perfect"

Not always. Sometimes, such as when you write, practice helps, but not with some things. - Cyri

3 "You're okay"

I think that might be a good thing so say.

4 "Why can’t you be more like your sister/brother?"

Because I'm me, I'm not them. - Misfire

Uhhh, because I'm not your perfect little prince? - Pokemonfan10

5 "Hurry up!"

My parents say this to me ALL the time

6 "I'm on a diet"

Women who always talk that to their husbands as well as their own kids must be very stupid, always calls themselves ugly no matter what and they try to be as skinny as a model, but they end up complaining about how fat they are by struggling to both healthy eating and exercising. pathetic!

7 "You always…" or "You never…"

My mom says this to me all the time :(

8 "Because I said so!"

This is something that has always been said and practise makes perfect, great job, you're okay, hurry up say to anyone.

9 "Nicki Minaj can teach you a lot about relationships."

Anything Nicki Minaj related being promoted to your kids would have you arrested for psychologically scarring them for life.

This is one of the most unforgivable things to say to your kids. - PositronWildhawk

If they listened to one song because of you there childhood is over and is a living hell - OneWayStreet

10 "I know you can try harder."

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11 "Dive deep into your dreams, just don't try to outdo your brother."
12 "Go the f*ck to sleep!"

I wouldn't go to sleep because I would cry - DrayTopTens

13 "One day you'll meet a girl you'll love. She'll probably be a mental patient, but she'll love all the features she can detect."

What about meet a boy you'll love? Sexist much?!

Creepier than creepypasta! - BorisRule

But it's humorous lol - Ananya

Truly one of the cruellest lines possible. - PositronWildhawk

14 "I promise to pay you more attention, so you don't have to try to blow up the school."
15 "I should have aborted you!"

I am autistic and my mom said this to me once :(

16 "Is that your girlfriend? UGLY!"

That's really rude to say. you should support your children and there girlfriend or boyfriend - cheyeanne

17 "Suck my d*ck!"

I cringe whenever I hear someone say this - DrayTopTens

You rekted me, I rekt you m420z! - BorisRule


18 "You're a Stupid Hoe!"

Your parents must be Nicki Minaj if they say this to you - DrayTopTens

Quoth the Nicki, "(see above.)" - Cyri

You as a parent should be arrested for saying this to your own child.

19 "I told you waiting until the last minute was a mistake!"
20 "We have reason to embarrass you; we'll tell you when you're older."

Wow thanks Mom & Dad! Can't wait to know why! - Curti2594

21 "You're an only child; Tom's adopted. The family's future rests on you!"
22 "I'm sure there's just a lesser of two evils behind that face."
23 "You were the result of a defective condom."

Never say that! Even if it's for real, NEVER say that.

24 "It's time you learn about sex"

Incest is not cool, man! So auf wiedersehen! - BorisRule

25 "Your sister may be a model someday because she listened when we said no more chocolate."
26 "We paid him to cling film you to the chair every day."
27 "I hope you don't have a kid like me."

My mom told me this the other day and that just was so demoralizing. - alexcousins

28 "You're such an idiot!"
29 "You idiot!"
30 "I hate you"
31 "I wish you were never born you freak!"

And I wish you were never said that to me, dude! - BorisRule

32 "It's time for the talk!"
33 "Your brother is more famous than you'll ever be!"
34 "Don't you kick the dog or I'll Falcon kick you!"
35 “Go kill yourself”
36 "That does it! I'm putting you up for adoption"
37 "I Hate Children"
38 I will destroy the Direct tv cable so you won’t watch Disney Channel
39 "Your mom is your sister"
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