Things You Should Not Do If You Are Attacked by a Zombie

Do not ignore this list. One day it might happen to you.

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1 Hug it Hug it
2 Eat it

The term: "Beat fire with fire" doesn't work, right? - Fandom_Lover

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3 Talk to it

You can talk to it for a while because they are slow but only for a short while. Over the phone would be safer. - birdechosplash

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4 Punch it
5 Tease it

It would not really matter because it would probably not understand you. - birdechosplash

By the way thanks for putting me on your most liked TopTenners list! I hope you become a great succesful TopTenner one day! - TwilightKitsune

Thank you. Can you still message me? You have not messaged me in ages. - birdechosplash

6 Tickle it
7 Congratulate it

Do not ask me why you would congratulate it or what for. - birdechosplash

"Congratulations Mr. Zombie. You deserve a silver medal for biting 999 people"
*zombie bites me*
"Well, now you deserve a gold medal for biting 1000 people! " - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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8 Poke it

*Le poke the zombie* *Gets bitten* HEY! What was that for?! - Fandom_Lover

9 Bury it

I do not even know how you would be able to do that. - birdechosplash

10 Kick it

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11 Dissect it

I will kill it with fire. Or water. - TwilightKitsune

You do not want to see what is inside. - birdechosplash

What if you're working on a cure for the zombie virus and HAVE to dissect it? - Cyberman

12 Roast it
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