Top Ten Things You Should Not Do in a Snowstorm

Man, I remember the time I was in a snowstorm! I was scared for quite a bit because I don't know what would happen.

The Top Ten

Get out of the house with no warm clothes on

This sure would be cold - trains45

Cut the heat and electricity from your house

It sure would be cold inside and outside - trains45

Use a stove top for heat

This can actually cause a major fire. - Flair-de-lis

Keep any pets outside

I knew a guy who didn't let his pets in during the snowstorm. I feel bad for the poor pet. - Flair-de-lis

Use a grill for heat

Grills should stay outside! - Flair-de-lis

Drink alcohol

There's a rumor that it can increase body temperature, but I heard that it decreases your body temperature instead! - Flair-de-lis

Eat or spoil all the food
Neglect to charge your phone

What if your power goes out? - Flair-de-lis

Get caught in bad traffic during heavy snow
Deploy hot water on a car windshield

I've heard that it can cause windshields to crack! - Flair-de-lis

The Contenders

Drive too fast
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