Top Ten Things That You Should Not Forget About Bob the Bone (A Made Up Character by Me)

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He is friendly and tells you about him and all of his friends

Okay, this list is...different.

His friends are Hope the Heart and Lee the Leg. - funnyuser

I hope he would like Perry the pickle. - DapperPickle

He said inijencunefncue and nfjuenfufcj and don't forget hfyerjrekwejfyrgjre

Bob is very awesome and I would want to learn his language. Great list! - JandS3000

Yes. Bob said that that means Awesomeness. - funnyuser

Bob is awesome! And I want to say hello in Bob's language - "sgfhjgffghkk". Probably Bob understood what I said just now, - Kiteretsunu

Laugh out loud NerdyPweeps! You say hello in Bob's language. - funnyuser

He wants to smile but he can't

Funny list made by a Funny user - JandS3000

Poor Bob...i hope he likes in my North Korean labor camp lol! - CerealGuy

He wants to walk and not sit in a place that's boring
He wants to hug people
He wants to read but he can't

Ha ha that's funny

He's a nice bone

Dog's it's all over the news come and get this bone do you read the news?

His name is Bob
He likes to be awesome
He likes to be random but he isn't because you don't know why

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He likes to be friendly to his neighbors

And not go and argue. - funnyuser

He thinks his name is Rick
He's Strange
He's Super Rad
He's Ed Sullivan
He eats salad
He pops bubbles for no reason

Pop pop pop pop
Bubble Abuse!.~. - CerealGuy

He works at the Krusty Krab
He's an alien
He's ugly and stupid
He hacks his games
He Hates Pink Floyd
He is half a bone because his other half is in a lion's tummy
His favourite Pokémon is Mr. Mime
His favourite drink is Sprite
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