Top Ten Things You Shouldn't Buy


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21 Nicki Minaj Tickets
22 Something You Already Have

But I already have a candy bar and I want to buy another one

What if it's good? - RockStarr

23 Mother 3

So your saying we shouldn't buy the best game ever? Great logic. - FrozenHatingPokefan

24 Pirated Games

How I can buy it if it's FREE ON uTorrent?!

25 Johnny Test DVDs


26 American Products
27 Suzuki Cars

Just don't waste your money!

28 Justin Bieber Tickets

Ok we get it now! - RockStarr

29 Fiat Multipla
30 Condoms

But you NEED condoms! Teen pregnancy is the last thing we need!

Why would you do "stuff"? Why don't you not do it until you want children? That's what its made for anyways!


31 The Bible

Who on earth put this here?! Oh my word! This what I do think that everyone should buy. It's very important. This should not be on the list!

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32 Jackie Evancho Albums
33 Jackie Evancho Tickets

Self destruct was here. - nintendofan126

Only if she's opening for Neil Young...

34 Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Why is this on the list? One again this game rocks! - Linnea

35 Avocados

Cause they are green.
And they taste bad.
And they are nice if you stare at them, but they still taste bad.
This is why you need sleep. - Flamesofsilver

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36 Titanfall
37 Fiat 500

They can't even drive up hills

38 Call of Duty
39 Yes Studio Albums 1969-1987
40 Nicki Minaj Albums
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