Top Ten Things You Shouldn't Do at School but Do Anyway


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1 Use social media

Diya, when I saw this list, I knew straight away what you were thinking. - birdechosplash

I play games on my laptop in class.

Good mop cause we really shouldn't be doing it - leafstar

I like to go on the top tens during school - leafstar

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2 Chew chewing gum

I do this every time, if your caught you get excluded and many people in my school has been caught, but I have never been caught- what's wrong with trying to make your breath nice, I don't wanna talk to people and have them think that my breath stinks. - idontknow

Nobody cares about that rule where I'm at. In my school, if other students see your gum, they'll beg you to have it. If you're a new kid who needs friends, that's an easy way to get 'em. - Cesium

I'm fine with chewing gum unless it's under the desk. I usually chew gum for a whole class period than spit it out into a trash can afterwards.

I do this in Japanese classes for some reason no one notices - leafstar

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3 Argue with the teacher V 2 Comments
4 Spread secret letters
5 Not finish projects

I go to study not to finish damn projects of no use! - Ananya

This is the only thing on this list that I have actually done. Though this is usually a rare occasion. -Anonymousxcxc.

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6 Go to the toilet for a whole lesson

In my class girls used to do that (including me) and we used to gossip there that's why our school made a rule in which we are not allowed to go to washroom between the lessons...we are only allowed in the 1 and 2 breaks... - 0744rose

What pee party all theboys in my class go to the toilet at the same time and come back at the same time - leafstar

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7 Bully

Don't confuse standing up for yourself and being a Bully. - PeachyBlast

"Bullying" has a very vague definition nowadays.

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8 Cuss at the teacher

I remember doing this back in 5th grade because my RELIGION teacher asked me how long my d--- was.

You had a right to do it then. You should've asked them if they had one too. - Skullkid755

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9 Get pissed off and leave the class

In our class, teachers usually do that - 0744rose

10 Put your feet on the table V 3 Comments

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11 Play video games

Played my Game Boy during recess in Elementary School and have played on my 3DS sometimes during class when the teacher does her lectures.

12 Cheat
13 Masturbate
14 Eat
15 Spill sand all over the table

Leafstar will get the reference. - birdechosplash

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16 Listen to Justin Bieber V 1 Comment
17 Fake your parents' signature
18 Steal
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1. Go to the toilet for a whole lesson
2. Bully
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1. Bully
2. Argue with the teacher
3. Cuss at the teacher
1. Use social media
2. Spread secret letters
3. Chew chewing gum

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