Top Ten Things You Shouldn't Do at School but Do Anyway

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1 Use social media

I go on TheTopTens when the teacher doesn't realize. They are walking around a lot so I have a chance to get away, and if they catch me, they don't get angry, they just use Lanschool or GoGuardian.

I am one lucky duck.

I go to the bathroom so I can get away with going on the site

Good mop cause we really shouldn't be doing it

I go on TheTopTens during boring classes!

2 Chew chewing gum

I do this every time, if your caught you get excluded and many people in my school has been caught, but I have never been caught- what's wrong with trying to make your breath nice, I don't wanna talk to people and have them think that my breath stinks.

Nobody cares about that rule where I'm at. In my school, if other students see your gum, they'll beg you to have it. If you're a new kid who needs friends, that's an easy way to get 'em.

I'm fine with chewing gum unless it's under the desk. I usually chew gum for a whole class period than spit it out into a trash can afterwards.

My teachers would get pissed if you got caught chewing gum. I don't know why they were so offended by it, like take a chill pill

3 Go to the toilet for a whole lesson

I nearly did this in music class in 6th grade. I had stomach cramps and I nearly had diarrhea and I spent the majority of the class running to the bathroom trying to go.

A student in my class always uses the bathroom for too long. The teacher ends up having a short talk with him.

In my class girls used to do that (including me) and we used to gossip there that's why our school made a rule in which we are not allowed to go to washroom between the lessons...we are only allowed in the 1 and 2 breaks...

I've tried. It definitely is NOT worth it.

4 Spread secret letters
5 Argue with the teacher

My second grade teacher was Cruella De Vil, she hated every student (except for the teachers pet) and bullied us so I went ballistic screaming "We don't deserve this awful treatment" And she said "You need help".

I do this all the time because the teachers constantly blame me for things that I didn't do and when I try to prove my innocence they either wouldn't believe me or let me speak.

My art teacher was totally the daughter of Satan.

Teachers can be very rude sometimes.

6 Not finish projects

This is the only thing on this list that I have actually done. Though this is usually a rare occasion. -Anonymousxcxc.

I go to study, not to finish damn projects of no use!

I never do my work in some classes

I do this a lot

7 Get pissed off and leave the class

I only did that once, but I regret absolutely nothing.

In our class, teachers usually do that

That would be awesome

My aunt did this in the 70s or early 80s when they refused her to go to the bathroom, and this was middle school. She told them "the h*ll with you" and used the bathroom and walked all the way home, and told grandad why she did it and he was ok with it.

8 Bully

How to make people hate school.

No it is never okay to bully

9 Put your feet on the table

Well I sleep on the table

Lol this is also typical athana

10 Cuss at the teacher

I remember doing this back in 5th grade because my RELIGION teacher asked me how long my d--- was.

That is very perverted and they should be arrested.

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11 Masturbate

Yah if you want to get in big truble

There´s some nasty people at my school who masturbate during lunch time in the bathrooms and that's so disguting

12 Play video games

Played my Game Boy during recess in Elementary School and have played on my 3DS sometimes during class when the teacher does her lectures.

Pretty much everyone at my school with a DS snuck in some sessions of New Super Mario Bros. here and there. Such fun times...

Sometimes, I play on my Nintendo Switch in class. I play MarioCart8 against my friends who do it too! My teacher never noticies!

That would be fun. I secretly use TheTopTens.

13 Eat

I used to go into the girls' bathroom to eat pringles and all the other girls would too. The teachers said it was gross, but I saw nothing wrong with it because it's not like I was eating it off the floor or anything, geez

I did this in high school and never got caught

14 Cheat

Cheating is very bad because if you cheat and you go on tpo the next grade you will have nobody there to cheat off of and you will fail.

15 Do drugs

Weed is better than going to school jared mezap

Sniff cocaine

16 Fake your parents' signature

I know someone who does that.

17 Revolt against school

Why the hell

18 Speak without raising your hand while screaming at the same time
19 Have hoods up

Unless you have to wear uniform.

I'm a loner, so I do that.

20 Pick your nose
21 Eat paper
22 Draw all over the boards

In a regular class you can't do this but when I was in high school we have this period called grade room where you can do whatever you want. The teachers allowed the students to draw all over their whiteboards and chalkboards. It was lots of fun!

23 Talk to other students

It's creepy when it's quite in class, I like creepy!

24 Fight

Fights at school are bad.

25 Skip class

I skipped 2 whole minutes of class because I was helping a teacher! I’m such a cool rebel bad girl!

Admit it. We’ve all skipped class at one point of our lives, right? If that’s a no, then you’ve never been a teenager. I’m just kidding, but you may not wanna do it in grade 11 because your grades that year pretty much determine whether you’re gonna get into a good college... But you can do it any other year. Just don’t get caught.

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