Top Ten Things You Shouldn't Do On a Snow Day


The Top Ten

1 Go skiing on a mountain backward

I never learned skiing, but I hope I will - Ananya

You would either die or get really hurt. - Therandom

WHO does that anyway? - pickickss

2 Do nothing

Doing nothing is completely different than being inside. The greatest inventions were created indoors, buddy.

I didn't say you do nothing indoors, I just said you should go in the snow. - Therandom

You should go outside. Snow is one of the few things I like about winter. - Therandom

I just do nothing - JaysTop10List

3 Go skating on thin ice
4 Not have cocoa

Who doesn't want cocoa? - Therandom

5 Don't put marshmallows in your cocoa

Only do this on the emergency when you run out of marshmallows. - PianoQueen

You must always put marshmallows in them. - Therandom

6 Not go on TheTopTens

You should still go on it, just go outside for a little bit. - Therandom

TheTopTens, a place to get THE BEST FRIENDS EVAAA! - JaysTop10List

7 Chop down a tree just to get a couple of branches for a snow man

I doubt anyone would do this though. - Therandom

8 Go outside in your underwear

Some people locally would jump off a high surface like a deck or out a window or something in their swimsuits into a pile of snow. People actually did this on snow days. A.K.A the snow challenge. - PianoQueen

Ok, but what day do you suggest people do this? - Billyv

9 Not wear a jacket

You need a jacket. - Therandom

That happened... - Ananya

10 Get run over by a plow.

Then you would die so yeah

The Contenders

11 Lick the yellow snow

It is actually urine-flavored

I did that once 'because I thought it was lemon-flavored.

12 Watch Dora The Explorer
13 Go to school

It's a 2 mile walk to my school so yeah. - IHSCOUTII1973

14 Take a cold shower

hell no! - Ananya

15 Die
16 Play football on a frozen lake
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