Top 10 Things You Shouldn't Do While Pregnant

Being pregnant signals the start of a newborn life, but there are issues involved, and here is a list of things you shouldn't do while pregnant.

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1 Ride a roller coaster

Because the twists and turns and g-forces can be bad for the predeveloping baby and aggravate it.
There are signs saying expectant mothers shouldn't ride them. - Gregory

2 Take drugs

What decent mother-to-be would even think about doing this? In fact what decent woman in general would even think about doing this. - Britgirl

Because drugs are harmful for the predeveloped baby, and any baby in general. - Gregory

3 Drink alcohol

Because alcohol is a harmful chemical to the baby, and any young people. - Gregory

4 Fly on a plane

Because the g-forces from takeoff and landing can aggravate the predeveloped baby and so would the climbing, turbulence and changes in pressure from altitude. - Gregory

5 Get beat up

Because the predeveloped baby would be a victim too. - Gregory

6 Drive on a bumpy road

Because the bumps can be too much for the predeveleoped baby. - Gregory

7 Go down slides

Because the motion can aggravate the predeveloped baby. - Gregory

8 Ride on spinning rides

Because the spinning motion would be bad for the predeveloped baby, and it's not ready for it. - Gregory

9 Jump

Pregnant women shouldn't not only jump on trampolines, they shouldn't jump period, because that would hurt the predeveloped baby. - Gregory

10 Bungee jumping

Because the bouncing around can really aggravate the predeveloped baby.

The Contenders

11 Swim

It's really hard, if not impossible, to swim while pregnant, and not only could the mother drown, but so would the predeveloped baby, and that would kill it. - Gregory

12 Bellyflop

Because the turning is not good for the predeveloped baby, especially since it's not developed for that yet. - Gregory

13 Smoke

Because like drugs, that can poison not only the expectant mother, but also the baby. You see this is one of the reasons why on occasions, babies have birth defects. - Gregory

14 Run

Running is too intense when you're pregnant and would disturb the baby. - Gregory

15 Bounce on a ball

The predeveloped baby should be in good stability and process, so bouncing is not safe for it. - Gregory

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