Things You Shouldn't Get TopTenners for Christmas

Wouldn't you be horrified if you found this stuff under your tree on the 25th?
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1 Disney1994 - A Well Drawn Picture of Sanjay and Craig and Dora Kiling Liv and Maddie and the Teletubbies

I'd love to get this for Disney1994 for his Christmas present. His reaction will be splendid.

I wouldn't like seeing the Teletubbies dying either.

Why would Dora be killing them though?

2 bobbythebrony - An autograph from Barack Obama

There are so many ways he could go all-out berserk on that if you ever gave him that item for a Christmas present.

Oh no. You should never ever do this.

3 CatNoirfan18 - A Danny Phantom DVD

This list is so funny and so are user's reactions!

4 MLPFan - A Lego Friends Set

She hates Lego Friends, so I'd like to see her vicious reaction to it. Maybe she'll beat it with a shovel and bury it? I'd love to see that.

Here's your present MLPFan! *gives her toy set*

5 Modernspongebobsucks - A SpongeBob Season 7 DVD
6 TwilightKitsune - A Winx Club DVD
7 Nateawesomeness - A Pack of Instant Spaghetti

Nateawesomeness, look what I brought, your favorite food!

8 htoutlaws2012 - An Xbox One

Does he have something against the Xbox one?

9 Therandom - A Dragon Ball Z Video Game
10 Trains45 - A Barbie Girl Album

This doesn't exist anyway "Barbie Girl" is just a song not an album.

It will drive him nuts.

That would drive me nuts if someone bought me a barbie girl single

The Newcomers

? PositronWildhawk - a rap album
? FergusTheTVCable - A metal album

He hates metal.

The Contenders
11 Videogamefan5 - A Finding Dory DVD
12 Metal_Treasure - A Rap Album

Haha, no. Please, don't do this to me... (thanks to whoever added me to this list - you are damn right)

Man, he would probably break the CD and then burn the pieces.

13 Rjbarg042 - The Simpsons Season 14 DVD
14 Bonjovi17 - Bon Jovi: 2020

How is this not #1? I, unlike you, actually got this for Christmas. I may not be BonJovi17 anymore, but I hated almost all of it. I hated Blood In the Water. I hated the partisan politics. I hated it, I hated it, I hated it!

No, my account wasn't hacked. I really don't want this album! I liked ONE song out of all the singles they released. I'm probably gonna get it anyway, but it's not something I'm looking forward to getting.

I got it anyway. I can tell. Lucky me.

15 Piplup - A Little Brother

Why specifically brother? She doesn't like guys, obviously. I get that you can't buy a kid, but her mom could (maybe) give birth to a kid around Christmas time, sooo...why not?

She would burn the house down!

16 VideoGamefan5 - A Copy Of Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts And Bolts
17 ChroniclerMan5 - A Hero Factory Set
18 LiamCoasterFan - An Autograph from Donald Trump
19 PageEmperor - A Luna Loud Plush
20 Ikerevievs - A Copy Of Metroid Prime: Federation Force
21 HaiThere - A CD by any "modern" artist

I am sorry, but I think anyone in the music industry nowadays just (generally speaking, in my humble opinion,) sucks.

22 BoredJeff02 - A Creed CD

If I find that under my christmas tree I'll smash it with a hammer!

23 Goatworlds - A Barney Doll that Sings I Love You
24 ClassicGaminer - Amourshipping fanart

*Laughs* Dang it, Jessica! Exactly, people might know how pissed I am when it comes to Amourshipping and fanart of it. Oh, man! Lol! Also, I'll have "fun" screaming in anger and cracking the screen on my phone just like I did with my Sidekick and Galaxy Exhibit phones.

Update: Sorry, ModernSpongeBobSucks, I didn't know you made this entry, oops. Jessica told me about this.

Um, ClassicGaminer, I actually added this item to the list.

25 Powerfulgirl10 - A Norm of The North DVD

I agree, norm of the north sucks.

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