Top Ten Things You Shouldn't Leave Home Without


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1 Your Sense of Humour

Under no circumstances leave this behind - you'll need it where you're going. - Britgirl

I have a difficult sense of humor. People on the internet seem to get it, but no one at school.

Britgirl, you must never leave home without yours. You have a great sense of humor.

I am the funniest guy in my school and I am proud

2 Money

The number 1 thing we can't live without is money.No is part of our life...because in this earth there is no reality we can't live without money..because we have difference needs that makes us to be happy...whose persons doesn't like a money of course we love money..its all about our needs which sustain us happiness...its all about the MoNey, MONEY, MoneY...

NO DOUBt we can't live without we can buy our needs..of course we need money..because we love is very important to us!

I want money money don't forget the money makes you without it, it harsh, come on whose don't like money is part of our life.

3 Your Cellphone

If you do not have your cellphone with you, then there would be no way to contact others if you are lost or in case of an emergency.

Sometimes you could really use it - Curti2594

I tried to call 911 once because I lost my phone. Yeah...

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4 Your Brain

Always necessary. As is the baseball bat to hit your boss with. - PositronWildhawk

This doesn't make any sense. You cannot move or think or, you know, breathe, if you don't have a brain. - RockFashionista

If you forgot your brain at home, you'd be kinda dead. At least it got a break. It is constantly active, like ALWAYS

Ah... Never with me anyways. - keycha1n

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5 A Song

"Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" helps - and sing it with gusto! You can't sing a song like this in a timid, little voice. - Britgirl

Haha Walk out & start Singing - Curti2594

What if the song's annoying?!?

My mind: "You have to concentrate on this very important lecture? LOL well guess what? IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIMEE! "

6 Your Right Shoe

As sure as God made little apples, by the time you've finished work and scrambled about with Tube passengers, you'll have no shoes left - so at least remember to take the RIGHT one! - Britgirl

A proud leftie is here to say that the left shoe is important as well! In fact, leaving without it will make you look like a nut! - keycha1n

7 Your Mirror

This is a fun thing to do with a mirror: hold the mirror up to someone's head (with the mirror bit facing you of course) and pretend that YOUR head is on THEIR shoulders. Silly, bu it passes time. - Britgirl

This is funny. A woman's head on a man's body. Yeah it would look crazy. Funny.

I've never thought of that, simply hilarious what you think of, Tina! I must try that someday... - keycha1n

"Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the- oh shoot! When did that zit appear? "

8 Your Newspaper

Doesn't matter if it's The Financial Time, the Sun or the Independant - you'll only need it to fight off Tube passengers anyway - Britgirl

9 Your Wallet

It has all of your money in it. - Connor360

10 First Aid Kit

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11 Your Sanity

True. Who knows where you would end up without it?

Too late, I lost it a while ago. - keycha1n

12 Your House Keys
13 Going to the Loo

Did this once - caused all kinds of problems. There were tears and... Things. - Britgirl

14 Your Homework

I hate it when I forget it...

15 Your 3DS

Who knows, maybe you'll get bored while waiting on a line or something.

Ugh! I clicked on this by accident. - happyhappyjoyjoy


16 Your Clothing

No one (myself included) wants to go around the city or blah blah blah..

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17 Your Self Respect

Definitely the most important quality.

18 Underwear

This is the most important thing we shouldn't ever leave behind going outside home and I think I don't need to tell why is it so. - Neeoo

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19 Key
20 Programming Your Favourite Soap

Mine's EastEnders. If I come home from work after hair-pulling and eye-poking with Tube passengers and I find I've missed my soap. THERE WILL BE TEARS (or murders) BEFORE BEDTIME! - Britgirl

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