Top Ten Things You Shouldn't Let Your Parents Do

Did you think this list was a joke after reading the title? It isn't. However, you can add funny items, but the list wasn't designed for them.

The Top Ten

1 Talk to your teachers

By my parents it's good but there are parents who make things worse when they talk with their child's teacher. Usually the child knows the situation better and sometimes can stand up easier for himself/herself - Alkadikce

Then there's parents evening.

2 Refuse to talk with you about your feelings
3 Buy you everything you want

There are those rich families where the kids are spoiled with everything but otherwise get poor amount of time spent together. - Alkadikce

4 Check your browser's history

That's why we have private mode - ToddHoward

This is how I came out to my parents... it was kind of awkward.

You do not neccessarily have to listen to black metal and search for pictures of dead animals in order not to expect them to click on your history. - Alkadikce

5 Tidy your room

1. You should learn to keep your room tidy.
2. You won't find your things after they put everything where they want. - Alkadikce

6 Lower your confidence

You shouldn't let this any person to do, but your parents?! - Alkadikce

7 Decide your future spouse

This item is not really relevant in 2018 but used to be. However, I would always think about what my parents say in a similar situation - Alkadikce

8 Play chess with you

This only applies to kids who have jsut learnt the game. If they let you win, there's the problem. If they don't, there's the problem. - Alkadikce

9 Lose their trust in you

Done and done. - Ashes

10 Cry

What's worse than seeing your parents crying? - Alkadikce

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