Top Ten Things You Usually Don't Feel Confident or Comfortable About Doing

I really just made this list because I wanted to put a question mark in my list title (I bet admin deleted it by now). But anyways, we all have situations in which we do that we have little confidence in, something that makes us uncomfortable but we just can't let ourselves avoid it. Enjoy!

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Asking someone on a date

I have never asked no one on a date 1 I am I middle school and every one in my grade does it I think we are to young 2 I never EVER what to get married or go on I just what my horse and friends and famliy and that's it but some one in 6 grade and I hate him asked me if I what to go on a date with him and I could not here him so it took me 7 times for him to say it and right after 7 times I hurd date and I quickly shot him down now that I think about it I kinda feel bad for him that I made him say it 7 times lol

Getting rejected is has been one of my worst nightmares when asking girls to the prom. Thankfully, it's never happened to me but I'm pretty sure everyone gets this feeling.

Oh my gosh?!?! I hate this horrible cliche! Just ask them out for Pete sake! If they like you, just give a passionate, long kiss!

Even if you're the popular jock, you'd be lying to say this doesn't make you just a bit uncomfortable.

Giving a speech

I actually have social anxiety so this is nearly impossible for me because I get all nervous and I may end up screaming, passing out, or crying. This was more directed to giving a presentation but this will probably happen with speaking to a lot of people I don't know because if I talk to someone first, I literally force the words out of my mouth :(

The other day I had to recite 161 words of Edgar Allan Poe's "Anabelle Lee" and I had all the words memorized, but when I got in front of my class I went completely blank, messed up my words, and had to look down at my paper three times. I was excited to recite it, but failed while doing it.

It's easier if you have a strong opinion on the topic or know a lot of information about. I could talk about Thermopylae to people all day because of all the information I know about it. Of course if you don't have either one of these, well, your pretty much screwed.

I've never had a problem with public speaking. I could keep a crowd entertained for hours with no notes and be absolutely at ease. It's much less stressful than carrying out a normal conversation.

I guess I'm weird.

Telling your parents you lost or broke an expensive item

Try telling them that you just put three holes in the wall and one in the door. Sticky tape fixes everything.

Asking some crush out is a piece of cake compared to this.

I do this more than I should. I seem to have the worst luck.

I am prone to breaking things. Trust me. This is awful.

Admitting you like your crush

Oh great, someone already took this from my list. Anyway I felt awe, embarrassment, goodness, and awkwardness at the same time! This is how it started. His friend introduced me to him after one of my classmates (I told him to do this) told him I like him. Then, he looked at me and I ran like the wind. HE IS SO CUTE! Anyway, after a day you'll get over it like I did. After he found out, I kind of regretted it because the crazy doofus brushed it off like it was nothing. D:<

I really liked this one guy and I think someone told him I liked him and then he completely ignored me. I fell into depression and all I ate that weak was skinny pop, chocolate, and tears. The worst part was was that we used to be best friends and now he won’t even talk to me.

I had to do this during a sleepover when we had "Honesty Hour." It's difficult, but it's not that bad as long as you're telling trustworthy people.

I never tell anyone who I have a crush on because crushes are useless to me

Being interviewed

You have maybe an hour to talk to someone, and that one hour changes the course of your life. It can affect you positively or negatively, so it is uncomfortable to sit through that hour and hope it's helping you!

Nothing can beat this

Album reviews rule

I immediately forget everything when this happens, just when I’m super nervous or not in the mood at the moment I guess

Admitting to your crush you like them
Seeing a homeless person stare at you

All the time, especially with Asians.

In Vegas you'll encounter these types of people a lot. In 2015 I was at Vegas and I was in front of the Mirage hotel waiting for the volcano to go off when a guy in a wheelchair came up to me and asked for money (along with the other tourists that were on the strip). Of course, no one gave him any money (including me) so he just left us alone.

I know, it's Sin City for a reason, but it was still really awkward.

I feel so guilty when we make eye-contact, like their situation is my fault. I mean, what do you do? Do you smile and walk on, stop and have a chat or give them your last few pence that you were going to use for your fare home? Gah, I just feel so awkward just thinking about it.

I feel as if I need to dodo etching to stop people from being homeless. If I see a person on the side of the road- I want to instantly become president toso I can fix whatever problem they have

I feel overwhelmingly guilty all the time, and even if I decide I'm going to leave, I pull out my wallet (or ask for a parent's, yes) and hand it to them, trying not to look.

Meeting a girl's parents

How 'bout meeting a boy's parents? Both my boyfriend (who used to be my crush) and I are afraid to meet one another's parents. The reasons are secrets, so I can't say why.

I'm surprised I didn't put this higher. This is such an uncomfortable experience because you never know how protective the dad is.

Well, there's 33% chance overprotective, 33% chance protective, 33% chill and 1% not giving a hoot about his daughter.

Yes, remember the comedies Meet the Parents and Meet The Fockers?

Not really both the parents but specifically the dad. It all depends on what he thinks about you. At least that’s what a friend told me.


Especially those of Saturday Night Live.

SNL worker: Alright, you have five minutes, go.
That's it. And in other auditions you have to sing or do something else stressful.

Yes, well if you want to be a singer, and to be regarded as a singer, it probably is best and beneficial if you can relax as you're likely going to need to sing and be heard by someone sooner or later.

To be honest, auditioning isn't that bad. I played my saxaphone at an audition- and I did well. I do pretty well under pressure

I have to sing twinkle twinkle little star for an audition. Lol.

I auditioned for my school musical and freaked out

Sneaking snakes on a plane

Just, you know, if you ever wanted to sneak snakes onto a plane, don't expect to board the plane with them.

And then you hear a passenger named Woody say, "There's a snake in my boot! "

I would quote Samuel L. Jackson, but he has to watch his profanity.

Every time, this list just gets me

The Contenders

Going on a date

Definitely the first one. I’m sure that will be an interesting experience when I decide to get a girlfriend and go on a date

First date by blink - 182

Asking for more toilet paper in a public restaurant's bathroom
Singing in public

I don't mean to be rude but singing, especially very loudly in public would make you look like a fool.

This has been the most stressful moments, whenever I take the mic I feel my entire body shivering

I sing mostly everywhere I go as long as no one actually hears me. I love singing in front of people.

Well, I always sing quietly because I think no one can hear me. Turns out people can.

Trying not to throw up

Once when I was 18 I went to school while sick and I accidentally puked a bit in my mouth. I tried to hold it in but I failed and spewed everywhere. Oh yeah it was on the bus, too, and I had to clean it up afterwards.

I know this too well, I accidently overdosed on NyQuil and I threw up on the bus, my friends had to clean it up, it was so awkward, my hands smelled like cherries. Okay, that was a little too detailed, sorry :/

Yep, but I had to do it in the trash can because I was sitting on the toilet.

Not a situation you want to be around friends in.

Eating food that doesn't taste good at someone's house

It's the worst! I once had to eat bloody chicken, so I ate a bit of it and said "Oh, nice meal, I'm stuffed". The mother told me strictly to eat the rest of my food. I felt like puking.. Worst ever

It's horrible- I finish the dinner anyways because I don't want to be rude. Since I became vegetarian, though, the parents let me choose what food I want to eat

I actually like all food except chicken nuggets, which nobody would give me anyway, and so I'm comfortable with eating it anyway.

"Yeah it's great! I may just feed some to the plant so he too can taste the glory and richness of this thing! - What is it exactly? "

Walking around boys

All the boys look at your butt. I mean really boys! Boys are my favorite humans to "play" with. But when they look at your butt when your walking past them it should make all young girls fell really weird?!

Where I live the guys don't do that. Stop making assumptions about all boys and get true facts.

And we can use the stereotype that girls want to suck some hamburgers if you catch my drift. Point is, it's a natural thing to do if you're attracted to someone.

Yeah cause this is possible to do.

Yeah, boys think it’s so weird when they see people walk. One time, I walked and a boy asked me if I was an alien!

Conquering your fears
Being around offensive jokes.
Meeting new people

I drown in pools of sweat in these situations.

Sorry but, the more the merrier

Telling dirty jokes around your parents

Oh lord...
Or when your friends are trying to tell them to your parents. That happened during 2 minutes of my 14th birthday. Some of the most uncomfortable moments of my life.

If so, then tell the this simple one. The boy fell in the mud.

My parents don't even know I tell dirty jokes. Or curse.

They don't even know what their kid think like

Going to the doctor
Crying in front of jerks

That’s silly not uncomfortable.

Letting your parents check your search history

Bro I let my mom do this once it wasn't it chief


Never felt more comfortable to this

Telling someone your weight

I feel very uncomfortable with this especially when the weight at the doctors

I'm average for a sixteen-year-old male, so no.

Or talking about it at all

I weigh 50. I know it's weird.

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