Top Ten Things You Want to Do to Bonnie from Pokemon XY/XYZ


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1 Tickle her belly and feet until she wets herself

Dude..She's just an innocent cute child... - cassiabez

Not only that but I would change her diaper

Aww Bonnie's so cute I wish I took all her clothes off except her diaper and tickle her feet, sides and belly and blow huge raspberries on her tummy until she fully pees her diaper then change her diaper - Hulksmash2512

This list is perverted and gross. - Swampert02

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2 Play with her Play with her

She looks cute in a adorable swimsuit

That picture looks adorbale

Sorry to be a pervert but I wanna see Bonnie in her adorbale panties

3 Hug her
4 Call her cute sweetie pie
5 Make chocolate cake for her

Yes, I would. Making her a chocolate cake is a good idea to make her really happy. Why? Because it's a lighthearted action to do for a companion, you want to make Bonnie happy with this delicious dairy/dessert. That is not quite bad. - yamionthetrap

Exactly. Better than tickling her. In other words, torturing her by tickling her. - TGBBOD

6 Take a picture of her wearing a bikini

I love taking pictures of Bonnie in a adorable bikini - Buizelfan187

7 Pinch her cheeks
8 Make her laugh
9 Take a picture of her wearing her slowbro swimsuit
10 Blow raspberries on her belly button

I refuse, Bonnie can handle with her brother and she's a bit mature, so I don't think she would enjoy that. - yamionthetrap

I bet she's ticklish

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11 Sing her a lullaby when she's crying
12 Kill her

Yes indeed


13 Give her a ribbon
14 Have sex with her

A disgusting pedophile probably added this creepy item.. - Swampert02

Who the heck added this? lmao - TGBBOD

15 Strangle her
16 Tuck her into bed
17 Make her breakfast when she wakes up in the morning
18 Give her a bubble bath
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1. Take a picture of her wearing her slowbro swimsuit
2. Take a picture of her wearing a bikini
3. Make her laugh
1. Tickle her belly and feet until she wets herself
2. Play with her
3. Call her cute sweetie pie


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